Three Simple Ways To A Achieve A Positive Attitude In Life

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

There are lots of reasons why we should have a positive attitude in life. Life is too short for us to worry about the things that we don't like in life. It's time for us to focus on the things that we do like and the people that really matter to us. There might be things that we can't change but one thing is certain, we can change the way we feel about those things that we want to change. Happiness is a choice. If we choose to be happy and do the things that make us happy, then happiness can never be too hard to achieve. Optimism is very easy to do if we would just choose to be optimistic.

The first way to a positive attitude in life is having faith in the power of the universe. If we would learn the power of attraction then there would be endless possibilities waiting for us. As they say, smile to the world and it would smile back at you. If you will feed the universe with positive energies coming from you then the universe will give you back positive energies as well. The mistake of most people is they tend to focus on the things that anger them, things that they don't like rather than on the things that delight them or the things that they like. If we keep on whining about the things that frustrate us, then the universe will a find a way on giving us more of those frustrations. On the other hand, if we focus on the things that make us ecstatic, the world will also find a way in giving us more of those things that make us smile.

Another way to keep a positive attitude in life is by finding more reasons to smile. Our every day life may not be always good, but for sure there is always something good in our daily lives. Even the smallest good things that our friends or peers do to us could make us feel grateful that we have them in our lives. Just for the reason that we are still here and able to breathe in the air of life is already something that should gratify us. If we would really look closely on the things that should really matters to us, then we would realize that there is always something to grin about.

Associating yourself with happy people is also a way to a positive attitude in life. Behavior is contagious. Your environment plays a big part in affecting how you react on things. Being around happy people makes you catch their happiness. In a way, we just emulate one another and how each other feel. Notice that when someone yawns we also feel like yawning. It's because one's feeling can be transmitted to another. So if you are surrounded with happy and positive people, for sure you'll get their positive vibes as well.

Having a positive attitude in life is a choice. Our brain is very powerful because everything starts with an idea. Ideas become things and things could either make or break us. Always remember that there are no mistakes or bad decisions. There are only experiences that make us better and wiser people. Whatever has gone has gone. The past cannot be changed. Whatever mistakes you will inevitable make throughout you life, just accept (remember you are only human) and move on.

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