Three Reasons You Need a Home Medical Alert Button

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Many people realize a home medical alert button can connect to a call center for help in case of an emergency, but did you realize how many other things a home medical alert button can do? Seniors and disabled adults can live with so much more security and safety by using all the components of a fully functional home medical alert button. In addition to helping out when someone falls and cannot reach the telephone, there are many other life enhancing functions to these handy little buttons.
1. Home medical alert buttons can be used to order diabetic supplies and equipment. Diabetics need supplies to check and maintain their blood sugar on a daily basis. Many diabetics check their blood sugar four or more times a day and inject insulin twice a day or more, as well as take oral medications. It's easy to understand that diabetic supplies are extremely important- and they can be used up quickly. Remembering to order diabetic supplies in a timely manner can be difficult - especially if someone needs to go out to the pharmacy to do it. With a home medical alert button, seniors can order their diabetic supplies at the touch of a button. Call center personnel will take the order and make sure all necessary supplies are delivered on time.
2. Respiratory care equipment is another common health need for seniors. From oxygen concentrators, tanks and portable units to CPAPs to nebulizers, respiratory equipment can be brought out directly to a patient's home, offering convenience and availability for every need. A home medical alert button can provide immediate contact with respiratory service providers, so seniors in need of these services will know they never need to worry about equipment malfunctions, prescription changes or respiratory supply needs again.
3. Home medical care can be contacted through home medical alert buttons. When a family member has a decline in health or a sudden illness, home medical care may become necessary in the blink of an eye. Trying to access the appropriate agencies and coordinate care schedules can be overwhelming. Home medical alert buttons access call centers with fully educated staff that can connect you to the appropriate home medical care providers for the situation. This convenience can help to relieve much of the stress involved in needing to find home medical care for a loved one.
A home medical alert button can be a life-changing connection for a senior citizen. In addition to providing a connection to resources like diabetic supplies, respiratory care equipment and home medical care, a home medical alert button can also be an immediate connection to emergency medical care in the event of a fall or sudden illness. Seniors can live a full life with renewed independence by having this constant source of help at the press of a button. Family members can rest easy knowing that if their loved ones should need help in an emergency, it is available to them through a home medical alert button.

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