Three Mantras of a Happy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

You might have heard or read a lot on how to be happy in your life. And if you still feel that nothing works for you, may be this helps. I am not dictating out some set rules of happy life neither am I trying to change your frame of mind. It is a just piece of advice that has helped a many. May be you can also have a different point of view after going through this piece.

New Day and a New Beginning: Each day that life brings to us is special in its own regards. Good or bad whatever it is, at least you get to have some experience. If you have had a problem last night, then forget it this morning. Start afresh all over it again. Be calm and ponder over your problems. Believe me if you sit in tranquility, relate and converse with yourself you will definitely be at ease and I am sure you will a solution to your problem as well – personal or professional . Try it once.

Thank God for Everything: Every moment God is doing some miracles. Just try to see them – in you around you. Your cosmos is changing each minute. Feel it. Your conscience wants to say something to you. Hear it. You should be always happy with your lot. If you are satisfied with whatever you possess, you will never grumble and there lies the true happiness. Give yourself some time. Even you are needed by yourself. If you don't have something then don't keep on thinking about it rather just see what don't have that you have. Feel yourself a proud owner. You are different so believe in yourself and thank God for what you have instead of complaining of what you don't have.
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Love and Respect Others: The very basis of humanity is to love and respect others. Even others have an identity of their own. They also do exist in this world as you do. Your family members- younger or elder, your colleagues, your seniors or juniors, each of them is unique here and has a persona of his own. Just try to see them with your eyes wide open and hear them. Even they have right to speak. Don't insult anyone, don't offend anyone. If you cannot do any good to anyone then try not to any bad even. Do you have the right to do so? No. If you are good to others, others are good to you. Give the world the best you have and the best comes back to you.

Just try to practice in this your daily life and you will feel the change within yourself.


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