Some Thoughts in Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

If eyes area unit windows to the soul, does one keep your eyes clean? Dirty windows mean you have got one thing to cover. If your face is filled with worry, you may cause others to fret. is that this an honest thing?

Give a heap of your time to the development of yourself, then there's not time to criticize others.

A person who is crooked will ne'er get pleasure from real peace of mind. His tricks tie him into knots.

The only thanks to gain respect is, first of all to offer it.

When there's religion and ending within the mind, success may be gained. If the thoughts area unit weak, there's defeat.

If i'm hones altogether my dealings, I will ne'er expertise concern.

When others create mistakes, don't keep enumeration these mistakes. enable them to judge you for co-operation to erase that weakness.

To style the sweetness of life, you want to have the facility to forget the past.

An honest individual is glad with himself the maximum amount as others area unit glad with him.

No one tortures you except your own nature. create your nature sweet and loveable; then win the love of all.

Do not enable something to be associate obstacle. See everything as a stepping stone to ending.

It is smart for an individual to earn cash for his wants. it's the hunger for wealth that's dangerous.

Thinking of evil or being terrified of evil brings evil on one’s head.

Misunderstanding may be erased by loveful, pure thoughts, and giving understanding at the acceptable time.

Waste work can cause you to significant and tired and positive work causes you to happy light-weight and rested.

The only answer to the foremost troublesome issues in society, the country and world nowadays

Your dominant power ought to be specified you must have solely such thoughts at a selected time as you want to own. No more, no less.

It needs body politic to create the simplest use of your time that's in your hands. Therefore, be originative and capable.
Where there's no love there can not be peace. wherever there's no purity, there can not be love.
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