Things you must know before choosing an addiction service provider

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

There comes a time in every addict’s life when he or she has to opt for an addiction service provider or a rehab. Not all rehabs are same in their approach towards people with drug abuse. Also, the kind of treatment needed varies from one individual to another one meaning that what holds good for one may not for the second one. But whenever a person accepts and realizes about the addiction problem he or she has then it is the high time to look for good addiction services that can help in bettering that person and restoring him or her back to normality.

Here are a few general things that you must know before choosing an addiction service provider:


One of the most important factors which help you to determine the quality of rehab is the kind of facility they have. Most addiction service providers will have their facilities in places that are close to nature or in simple words away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Such facilities generally include activities like cycling, trekking and environmental campaigns, so as to make you feel responsible for your body and environment.

2.Professional staff

There is no use in getting rehab services from people or organizations that do not have a good know-how of addiction help. It is better to go with the addiction centers that are trusted and known for their professionalism. Sometimes, patients might show physical withdrawal and in those instances they will need 24 hours assistance. Thus you must confirm that the rehab you select for your treatment has the best professionals with it.


Accreditation is something which is which tells a lot about any organization. Same goes with the addiction service providers because higher accreditation will mean effective treatment methods. Generally, addiction treatment services are accredited on the basis of how they have worked in past and how they are working in present. This also comprises the factors like hygiene, timely counseling, diet, etc.


Well, this is the factor which decides taking up of rehab facilities by most of the people. Private payment plans and availability of insurance services is one thing that you might like to have with your service provider.

5.Future Contact

Many reputed rehabs maintain case histories of all their patients. They keep in a regular touch with people who have successfully gained.

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