There Is Effective Help With Social Anxiety Available

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

A long sought after explanation and help with social anxiety is now available on the Internet. People who have been socially shy and self-conscious since childhood may have accepted that this is just their temperament and as they struggled with dealing with the symptoms and missed social opportunities, they were forced to accept that this is just the way that they are and that they should just "get over it." Many answers lie in the thought processes that leed to the socially anxious state and the severely uncomfortable symptoms that accompany it.
Anyone suffering from social anxiety knows that it is not something that one can "just get over." However, there is help with social anxiety through exercises that can help the sufferer re-program their long held thoughts that have been contributing to their fear of people and of being judged harshly by them. Like any other illness, treatment is needed to bring the afflicted back to good health. In addition, like difficult illnesses, a commitment to treatment is required to bring relief and freedom from the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany social anxiety.

While anti-anxiety drugs can help with the nervous symptoms and racing thoughts while in a social situation, they are used to help with the symptoms only, while the underlying issues remain if not further treated and resolved. Cognitive therapy is a treatment that has been very successful with this illness and many people are now getting help with social anxiety.

Attention to diet and the food and drinks that are stimulants should be avoided if one is highly sensitive emotionally and physically and or a social phobic. The use of caffeine and alcohol aggravates the already sensitive system and makes the symptoms worse. Deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques can soothe the anxious body and mind.

The social phobic usually avoids situations that cause undue stress and anxiety and although avoidance keeps the person's symptoms at bay, it closes off the person's social life and leaves them lonely. Slowly and gradually easing into a fearful situation can help to ease the person into feeling comfortable in that situation in the future. Practicing what should be said in certain situations and visualizing a positive outcome can make the world of difference in how that event is perceived and experienced by the person suffering from this difficult affliction. There is help with social anxiety and like anything worth having, time and effort put towards healing from the social avoidance and nervousness, will bring a significant amount of relief when consistently put into practice.

Is a Web Site dedicated to helping people who suffer or indeed think that they may suffer with Social Anxiety. The author suffered as a young person with what became known as Social Anxiety but through personal development and working on the issues that arose, overcame the problems and went on to develop a fantastic social and successful business life. There are many self help and professional treatments available. You do not have to learn to live with the problem. No, you do not have to live your life or just exist that way!


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