The way to Develop and Maintain a Positive Attitude

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

Once we talk regarding how to own a positive perspective, we firstly take into account those powerful, problematic and negative things once we loose our calm, hopes and joy. However we have a tendency to have to perceive that positive mood should be a daily presence in our life, not only in unhealthy contexts. Sometimes our daily mood is not unhealthy, nor positive enough however neutral. We tend to have to appreciate it and change our negative perspective and conjointly neutral angle into positive ones. The key is to stay a positive mood despite things you're in, to maintain a positive thinking within the face of adversity, but conjointly to cultivate it daily.
Before going any, we tend to have to find out how many kinds of attitudes are there. If we have a tendency to determine a line with two extremes (positive and negative) and a center (neutral), then we have a tendency to have 3 basic kinds. We tend to can change the names and say optimistic perspective (aka positive), realistic (neutral) and pessimistic (negative), then these can include more specific ones. What we have a tendency to have to stay in mind is that angle is a mental construct, a way of thinking, an inner disposition toward one thing from the skin world which it influences your behavior. Positive or negative angle is your affective mind directed toward one thing: you, others, specific situations and life in general.
We have a tendency to must settle for that having and persisting in an exceedingly negative attitude does not solve something, however build things worse by undermining the main agent which will modification the case: YOU. Positive thinking enhances creativity and thus it helps you to seek out solutions to your problems, but negative attitude does not provide you something constructive.

Your mental angle can be influenced by your bodily posture. If you walk or sit down like a sick, your inner mood can copy your outer posture, but if you cultivate a straight up posture along with your chest up and your shoulders backwards, your inner attitude will be additional optimistic too. Behave "as if" you are optimistic, at the beginning you'll be able to "pretend" a positive perspective to trick your inner agent, but then you have to adopt and integrate it as an authentic one.
Try to model or imitate someone that you think he may be a model of terribly high optimistic and positive thinking. Conjointly bear in mind that positive mood is infectious, so be sure with that you pay your time.
Examine your inner voice and modification your negative thoughts, cultivate a positive self talk. You cannot control all outside world however a little half of it and most significantly you have got full control on your inner world (your reaction to the world). Cultivate gratitude and compare your state of affairs not only with wealthy and prosper people but with those poor too. Assume of positive aspects in your life and see the good in the dangerous, there's always a lesson to learn.
Sleep well and impede your daily activities, exercise at least three times a week, laugh and develop a sturdy sense of humor. Tip: do not watch negative news. These days's news are 90% negative, they concentrate on negative and truncate reality. We have a tendency to have to take the reverse and accentuate the positive aspects of life in general.

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