The Truths About Alcohol Addiction

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Alcohol addiction is a very bad growing problem in our society today. The growing number of our society's youth that is following this trend is at a staggering all time high! It used to be the kids whose parents drank that started their drinking trend, but now everyone is doing it. This problem goes way beyond a young person thinking that drinking is "cool" or the "hip" thing to do. It is not about being cool or not cool anymore. It is a very dangerous problem that our nations youth do not see the consequences until it is way to late. More children are dying from alcohol poisoning or alcohol related car accidents than from all for the cancers in the world combine. This is a staggering fact! If these children knew and believed the truth and facts instead of the myths of it then it maybe would change their minds.
One of the first things that these youths delude themselves into believing is that this addiction is just a bad habit and it can easily be quit if you muster up the courage and will. the truth is that a person who has an alcohol addiction can not just quit without getting very sick. The extreme withdraws from the alcohol can land a person in the hospital from a very weak and dehydrated body. Once this happens to them one time they do not want to go through that again. Thus the addiction continues.
Some others will say that treatment is a joke and that is why all people relapse. The truth to that is that it may seem like all is in vain when a person relapses. The thing is that people relapse due to treatment being a day by day strength. It takes a lot to resist, but it does get easier. Treatment is very necessary even if it must be done many times. you may be sick, but it sure beats dying from poisoning.
Another myth that our youth believes is that people who choose alcohol have chosen it over all else. The truth is that once the alcohol takes over the mind there is no going back. It takes over your entire state of being and when it needs a revamp it will cause the person it controls to do this by any means possible. They may seem like they do not want help, but the truth is that they do not know they want it. They do need it!
Our youth should have the facts grilled into their heads. Life or death? Not a hard choice!

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