The Truth in Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

There is a misconception that spiritual awakening involves a transformation into being a new creature; that there is an ultimate before and after. However, the process of awakening is not about "arriving" or "changing". It is about embracing the real "you"; finding out what you really want and eradicating the negative thoughts about the discovery.

There is no transformation involved because the real "you" is already there. Instead, you search in the "here and now" and deliver it out for the world to see. You awaken the real "you" and dump the old pretending "you".

Thinking that you will arrive at something or somewhere is the work of pride. Pride creates an illusion that you will be at another place and time. You don't want to be in touch with the "now" so you create a make-believe future. You dream of the unrealistic.

Spiritual awakening is the opposite. You are living in the present. You are in touch with your strength and limitations. What you are experiencing is real. It is peeking into the reality without concepts of utopia, personal judgments, and environmental factors messing your meditation. You let go of your biases and prejudices. You clear your mind from the what-ifs and replace it with this-is-it.

What are the Benefits of Awakening?
In the process of spiritual awakening, you learn to embrace yourself - from the bad traits to the good ones. The quest for excellence is now on how you can improve yourself and not how you can escape from it.

You appreciate life events better. You see that every event - good or bad - has a purpose and has contributed to the person that you are today. You can't change what has happened but you can do something to make yourself happy.

When you believe in a make-believe future because you hate what you are at present, you are escaping from the real "you." If you don't bring your real self into your endeavors, you will never be contented. The experience of awakening will make you say in whatever situation - even in your deathbed - that you are content.

Search for your true self by desiring a spiritual awakening. When you are in touch with yourself and free from all the clutter, you get a sense of joy; joy that encourages you to go on living and not just merely existing. Most of all, awakening comes from the acceptance that there is a Higher Being that rules above all. We need to surrender to this Being.

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