The Success Psychology

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

Unless you have a frame of mind that will enable you to actually achieve your goals and then to consolidate those gains into SUCCESS, you are pretty much guaranteed to live a pretty unfulfilled and frustrated life. I mean it really doesn't matter what books you read, what courses you take, what blogs you read IT WON'T MATTER unless you have the RIGHT FRAME OF MIND to welcome and expect success in your life.

I heard a quote once “success is 80% psychology and 20% activity“, I'm not sure I agree with that 100% but its pretty close. Success begins with a unshakeable belief of what you can achieve and what you want to achieve, the second thing is an unshakeable commitment and plan of action that you will carry out your belief.

If you haven't already experienced it along the way, the chances are you will. No matter what you are trying to achieve, wealth creation, marathon running, climbing Mt Everest, retiring early and travelling e.t.c, there will be plenty of people, like friends family, bank managers, that will try and torpedo your goals and efforts, they will tell you that you success plans are “not possible” or “It can't be done”, or my favorite “Why on earth would you want to do that your should do BLAH BLAH”.

I like to think that most people are well meaning and want the best for you, but when they say things like that its usually a result of their own life per-conditioning, or they feel threatened that if you go on to achieve your goals they will be wrong and left behind, or maybe they are a little jealous that you’ve gone onto do something positive with your life and they are still stuck in the grinder.

My advice to you, is do not let these people turn you away, or stop you from trying to achieve your beliefs and goals.

You need to have a unshakeable belief in the following two things.

1. Achieving your goals is possible - i.e. Becoming wealthy (hey plenty of people have done it before you).

2. Achieving your goals is possible for YOU. - ie. You are able to become wealthy.

They are thousands of people that have been on the same path before you and achieved their goals. Also plenty of people that have fallen of the path and never tried again. You've only got to tune into the latest reality TV program to see people battling away at their Goals, live on TV, think The Biggest Loser. There are plenty of courses and resources that you can turn to learn the action part of the SUCCESS Journey. I mean there are blogs like this one, travel blogs, finance blogs, How to blogging blogs, fitness blogs, you get the picture.

But the SUCCESS PSYCHOLOGY is up to you, you are the one that can make the changes in your life, there is plenty of help and support resources out there for you. But I can only show you the path, NO ONE can walk it for you, that alone is your responsibility you are the one that is in the driver seat.

There is a stack of reading, resources, seminars that you can attend. Self education should always form part of your ongoing commitment to knowledge and achieving your own goal.

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