The Success Habit of Imagination

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

Habits of your imagination impact how you experience the world around you, including what you see, how you see it, what you attract to you in life and what it means to you.As a result your imagination makes a powerful contribution to the life you manifest and are continually creating. Imagination influences the mental filtering process or focus you use as you look at the world. You use this filter when you picture life and believe things about that which you see. This includes the things that you determine are possible and likely to happen. With such far reaching effects to shape and color our lives it is vitally important we bring our power of imagination into service for us in our quest for success, and insure we do not miss use it to our detriment.

The mental pictures you maintain and the thoughts you regularly entertain are all influenced by your imagination and far more important to your success than you probably realize. The images you vision, see and believe in are critical for your MLM and life success. Relevant aspects of this include your expectations about the given situations in your life, what will happen if you take different action, and what you see as the possible new outcomes.

Your imaginative force influences more of the outcomes and events in your life than most people think it does. It's fairly simple to understand really. If you use imagination to see, imagine, or expect negative things to happen in your life, that's exactly what you tend to see. You actually begin to create and attractive force for negative results to appear. You co-create the result. You must begin to realize that the universe has given you creative ability.

If you practice negative force imagination regularly and as a habit you begin to infuse negative probabillity into your life. This will effect your relationships, life, business, and environments in your sphere of influence. Because like tends to attract like, if you behave (use your creative ability) in a consistently negative fashion, then negativity in all aspects in your life begins to self-propagate and manifest with increasing frequency. The law of attraction plays itself out in all these instances.

Take into account the opposite extremes where people seem to get all the breaks in life. Luck, favor, and chance seem to forever be on their side.Sometimes we grumble about these people. If we are really miserable ourselves this behavior of theirs sometimes makes us aggravated. In turn we may resent them.

Some people really just expect to win. These people believe everything will go well and that life will unfold to their advantage in all circumstances and conditions, thus teaching and rewarding them. They dream dreams and expect to accomplish them. What is most amazing is they realize and manifest the reality that they have imagined or at the least very similar results. Their dreams actually materialize. They seem to be genuinely happy, un-burdened, and free. It's baffling to many people. These people regularly manifest abundance and success in life much to the dismay of ordinary citizens. There is obviously something they know, understand, and apply that many people don't.

Imagination is clearly involved most of the time in what you are thinking about and perceiving. Imagination becomes involved whether you are picturing the future, reliving the past, or formulating plans to more fully engage in the present. How you use your imagination will affect the entire outcome and direction of your life. So my question to you is this: are you regularly using your imagination to communicate positive, successful, happy, images to yourself? Are you postively impacting the substance and direction of your life? What kind of effect are you producing with your imagination?

Be aware of the fact that how you are using your imagination actually has a physical effect upon the energy and matter that things and events are made from. This is the nature of coincidence. This is a reall phenomenon that can be demonstrated at subatomic levels. Your energy has an effect on other energy. Matter is really just energy in rapid patterned movement so if you think about this, you can believe this process can actually affect matter, energy, and therefore outcomes in life. Hence you literally have creative influence and ability. This is a mystery that quantum physics has observed, but is only only really just begining to understand and explain. I don't intend to give a physics lesson here, but you should strongly consider the impact of the preceding universal principle. How will you choose to make responsible use of this information in your life?

Those who sought to take to the skies more than one-hundred years ago successfully achieved it by pointing imagination, intention, and belief upward to the skies, not toward the ground. They failed to focus imagination on all the reasons man had not been successful previously. They failed to dwell upon the scientific and mathematical data of the age, which declared human flight an impossibility, an unattainable goal. The end result was that imagination triumphed, changed history, and helped to re-shape the very world we live in today. The impossible dream was achieved. You see evidence of this fact everywhere you look today. When you look at the world and believe you can't do something think of this fact.

If you don't have the vision to see, think, imagine, or feel that something is possible, and believe you can achieve it, you probably won't ever accomplish whatever it is (resistance is firmly established). Too many obstacles will remain firmly in your path that frustrate and deter you from success.

Imagination is a powerful success tool. Pay close attention to it, use it wisely and eventually master it. Remember to pay attention to things aside from what is really happening in front of you right in the moment, how are you employing your imagination at present? How are you using your imagination to filter the data coming toward you? What are you regularly thinking about, imagining, picturing and feeling, and what do you believe about the information you are assembling in your mind? Do they seem real to you or less than real? Do you have good feelings that serve you or bad feelings associated with them? Are these resources productive and making the best use of your energy and time? Are you employing the faculty of imagination to empower your life, and are you reaping positive emotions, passion, desire, and fulfillment as a result?

What you attract regularly with your habits of imagination deeply affects your destiny. Imagination amplified with energy, expectation, and emotion produces an effect on the very fabric of your reality. This resource of imagination is one more puzzle piece to properly employ and master in a series and system of techniques known as the success equation.

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