The Subconscious Mind

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


Your subconscious mind can be compared to a super computer. Just like a computer you can add and remove programs at your will. Unlike a computer, your subconscious mind can take on vast quantities of information and process all of this data at incredible speeds.
When you buy a new computer from a shop, it usually comes prepared with a barebones Operating System which carries out the necessary operations so you can effectively use the computer with your programs later on. Similarly, your subconscious mind has an Operating System which keeps your heart beating, blood circulating and your lungs breathing.
As new skills are learnt they too become programmed into our subconscious minds and rarely have to be thought of consciously again. These skills include things like learning to walk, and learning to feed ourselves, riding a bicycle, driving your car. Once these skills have been learnt and programmed into your subconscious mind, you no longer consciously require the knowledge for that particular skills or activity. It is a given that you will be able to do it again and it feels effortless - unlike the first time you ever tried it!
Without these subconscious programs the world would be a very different place. Your life would be affected dramatically and things that take you only a moment or two to complete would end up taking you hours. If you consciously had to think about every heart beat and every breath you take, you would have very little time to fit anything else in. This is why the human mind is such a wonderful creation. Your subconscious mind is dealing with hundreds of different tasks simultaneously and this frees up the conscious mind for higher thinking and its role of operator.
The subconscious mind will always act in your best interests.
We can look at smokers as an example of the subconscious mind acting in your best interest. The belief that smoking reduces fear is an illusion; nicotine produces a time delayed chemically induced fear in the body. And the body recognizes this and responds accordingly to the danger. The mind then senses this danger however it cannot recognize exactly what has caused the fear and so protects itself by signaling to the smoker that it requires relief from the fear by smoking.
The mind is protecting the smoker in the short-term because of fear, however because of the time delayed fear reaction it cannot ascertain the cause of the fear and thus it doesn't put two and two together to realize it is nicotine and cigarettes.
This makes our subconscious programs or beliefs very powerful indeed.
If we belief at a subconscious level that poor people are good and rich are bad, or money is the root of all evil - your subconscious mind will never let you be rich because it believes that being rich would make you a bad person and that money is evil and therefore not good for you. Therefore it sees being rich as a bad thing.
Subconscious programming can be a very positive thing if you believe that it's your birthright to be wealthy or that having more money enables you to help more people.
If you feed your mind with positive places, people, circumstances and events then ultimately your reality will become more positive. How do you get more positive events occurring in your life? Think positively in all moments and at all times - don't allow yourself to become distracted by the illusion of life. Make feeling good and being positive a dominant part of your life.
If you want to be wealthier, then find other wealthy people and spend as much time around them as you can. Have you not ever noticed how;
The rich spend time with the rich?
The poor spend time with the poor?
The lonely spend time with the lonely?
The happy spend time with the happy?
If you want to create new subconscious programs then find people who are already successfully running those programs that you want. Do what they do, imitate their beliefs and watch in delight as your new thought patterns begin to emerge.

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