The Secret to Success: Take Action Now Not Later

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

There are many people who want to succeed, they work hard in their jobs and hope to excel above their ranks. After years of hard work, they look back and say I'm working so hard, I have all these ideas, but I'm still nowhere. At this point a person may accept mediocrity and give up and accept that it was not meant to be for them to be successful, own a Ferrari, and generally live in luxury.

Fortunately, anyone can succeed and have success regardless of their status or wealth; it really comes down to not accepting mediocrity and doing something about it. Taking action is the key to success. You may now be saying, "but I work hard every day." If you are working hard for an employee every day that doesn't make you richer or more successful, that just makes your employer more money.

When I say take action I mean, find an opportunity, make a plan, and take action, work on a new business venture on the side. Work on it at night time, on the weekend, when you have free time, yes it's tough, but in the end, if you motivate yourself and take action you will succeed. You need to put your time in to be successful that is the bottom line.

Where can you find an opportunity? How do you start a business in your spare time? Most people have great ideas for businesses in their mind, or in front of them. Find a problem that people have and create a solution. Solving people's problems creates success. Don't doubt yourself, there are many successful people who had stupid ideas and became successful when everyone doubted them.

Learn and do research. If your one of the many people who doesn't know how to start or how to run a business, perhaps you should learn. It's not hard, read books, read forums, ask questions, read articles, everything is available, the internet is very powerful.
If you want to succeed follow this proven plan that I will provide right now, it is short and simple, but if followed until the end will result in success.

1. Find an opportunity
2. Create a solution for that opportunity
3. Take action - Start the business
4. Market and advertise the business
5. Don't quit and find success around the corner

This is a general plan, but the trick is learning. If you don't know how to advertise on a small budget, learn. Search engine optimization is free and can result in thousands of customers. Don't fail, because you had the ability to succeed, but didn't have the confidence to push forward.

If your idea needs funding, don't let this throw you out of the game. There are ways to find investors. When you find an investor they may be able to even help guide you or even partner with you. After all your hard work and determination and you have become successful you can be on the other side of the table and invest in a business or invest in a startup.

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