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Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

It is said that astrology is the science of the stars. For many people astrology has been responsible for shaping their lives and cultures through a process of thought-provoking predictions and events that have occurred in the past, and which impact on the present and the future.

The word “astrology” is derived from the Greek word “astrologia”, which is made up of two parts, “astron”, meaning “star” and “logia”, which means the “study of”.

For centuries man has gazed up at the stars and wondered what it all means, and how it all fits in with our worldly idea of the universe and cosmos. Over time we have realised that movement or positioning of certain stars and planets can have an adverse effect on individuals, the weather and our planet as a whole.

This influence has led us to investigate and study further the significance of the planets and their positioning and how this could possibly have any effect on our daily lives. A person who studies this science is known as an astrologer, and it is through this person that horoscope predictions are made.

The role of the astrologer is to understand the meaning of our destiny by studying all the astrological information available. This includes planetary positions on any particular day in time, which represent our birth signs, better known as zodiac signs, and in doing this he or she is able to construct a map or predicted life path.

Just as a captain of a ship may use a chart to find his way from one point to the other, an astrologer will create a chart for each star sign. Each chart will point to a possible series of events, which may have some affect on the individual in some way on any particular day in time. A professional astrologer can create a more accurate chart of predictions for any individual based on their exact time of birth.

It is also quite common for people born under the same star sign to display very similar character traits and personalities. This enables the astrologer to better understand the inner and outward signs of a person. For example, it is said that people born under the sign of Taurus the bull often show a stubborn side, and those born under the sign of Libra will very often display a diplomatic side to their personality.

Astrologers tell us that our horoscope is like a cosmic fingerprint and not two people have exactly the same destiny or fate awaiting them. It is the role of the astrologer to examine all the evidence he has put together in creating an individual’s personal chart, and interpret the findings in a way that makes sense for the individual.

The astrologer has evolved a means for opening the doorway to the meaning of life for anyone who might wish to consult him or her. And if you’ve ever heard it said that your life is written in the stars then there just might be a lot of truth in that statement.

Many scientists firmly believe that science holds the key to the meaning of life, and the astrology of science is proving this to be the case.

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