The Rules Regarding Ensuring Health and Safety in The Workplace

Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2013

Every person has the right to work in a safe working environment. There are some laws that are being imposed on the employers and employees to be followed at work.Such rules are evinced as duties in Health and Safety at Work (HSW) Act which can be explained in a much detailed manner.

There are some extra rules which cover industries such as construction,railways,agriculture mines and hassle related work such as nuclear installations.The law is implemented in the organization through health and safety representatives to ensure safety in the workplace.
Every employer is bound to ensure,that there will be proper maintenance of health and safety of the employees in the organization.They are liable to ensure complete safety in their workplace.He should make subsequent arrangements for proper planning and implementation of preventive and protection measurements.

A written policy must be made (if there are more than five employees) which should cover the organization ensuring proper health and safety of the employees.The employees should also be aware of such policy.
Some representatives should be appointed,who should be given proper health and safety representative training to help the employer to carry out legal responsibilities.Such representatives will ensure proper health and safety in the workplace.

The employer should ensure that the risk in the workplace is properly assessed and proper safety measures are undertaken to control such risk.The working environment should be made completely safe without any type of risk of life or health.For that proper health and safety training should be provided to the elected representatives.

The employees should also be made aware by giving them detailed information,training,to make sure that they become capable of taking good care of themselves and at the same time others.The representatives should undergo Work Safe Victoria Approved Training to ensure that they are getting the best quality training.

The employer should also take active role in the training process to ensure that the employees are getting aware of health and safety measures and proper health and safety is maintained in the workplace.There may be some representatives who already have gone through such safety training but needs to brush up their safety skills.For such representatives,now there are health and safety refresher course offered by different organization to refresh the knowledge of the representatives.

The emission of dust,smokes,vibration and harmful organisms should be properly controlled.The various equipments in the workplace should be safe.For this reason the managers and supervisors should make sure that all the machineries are in proper working condition.

For this reasons there should also be proper Health and Safety Training.The various materials in the organization should be safe and no way harmful for any employees.

The special safety measures should also be taken for people who are working at certain height.The carrying of any harmful substance from one place to another should be prevented.The electricity should also be used in a safe manner in the organization.

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