The Real Story behind Entrepreneur Success Stories

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

The media loves to report entrepreneur success stories. While they're interesting to read, they typically follow the same theme: Entrepreneur beats the odds despite overwhelming obstacles. Read one and you have read them all; or at least it can seem that way. There is a lot of talk of hard work and overcoming hurdles, but do the stories actually give useful details about how to go about replicating those results? Probably not. Every business is different and requires specific strategies; what works for one successful business isn’t going to work for the next. So, while these entrepreneur success stories can be inspirational, they don’t often tell us how to achieve the same results in our own businesses.

Basically, entrepreneur success stories eulogize the individual and his or her ability to overcome problems that came in the way to success. Very few of these stories spend time talking about actual, specific strategies. And even when they do, very few of those strategies are of use to your particular business.

That is not to say that stories of successful entrepreneurs aren’t useful resources at all; just that they are often lacking in practical application tips that you can use to grow your own business. And many innovative people have fantastic new ideas for products and services, but feel too inexperienced to take the plunge and create a startup. What these people need is more practical guidance to help them feel comfortable taking a leap.

Remember that many of the stories written about people who've created successful businesses from humble beginnings are intended to inspire, not necessarily teach. They’re there to tell their own story, not write yours for you. It is you who has to push yourself to success. If you want tips and ideas, entrepreneur success stories with practical information are best. The “overcoming the odds” stories are great for motivation and inspiration â€" and they're a great place to start. But if you need help learning how to make the most of your ideas and passions, some more practical tools will be helpful. Ken Roberts of Ultimate Technique for Success Club has great advice for turning what you love into a profitable business.

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