The Psychology of Bliss/Ecstasy

Dr. Purushothaman
August 11, 2019

Do you think you are living each day of your life with vitality and enthusiasm? Or is it that you are defining your contentment quotient by just one perspective, such as bank balance or office titles? It is ordinary to get bogged down with life’s niceties, but it’s also essential to follow your bliss and make that a priority. It is of paramount importance to step away from the clutter and re-establish your goals and sustain a flexible approach.

A famous writer Joseph Campbell said “ If you will follow your bliss, you will put yourself on a kind of track that will be there all the while, waiting for you and the life you ought to live is the life that you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid and the door will open where you didn’t know they were going to be”. Yes, we should follow our bliss otherwise you will be sent into the darkness which is formed by and for you, you and you only. Decades of positive psychology research have proven that high levels of subjective well-being can translate into better physical health and a longer life. But what is bliss exactly? How is it life-changing and why should one pursue it?

What is Bliss?

To explain this innate state of joy can be inchoate as it surpasses the capability of the language. To define it, bliss is a flagrantly amended state of consciousness. Many people have mistaken it to be synonymous with happiness, but it is a superlative state which is way above and beyond that. A blissful life is within your reach and when you follow your bliss, that feeling of fulfillment cannot be triumphed in any other way.

According to me the things you will fear holds most of the treasures for you. We should try to match our physical beats with the beats of the bliss that will be considered as our life beats. For some, bliss is not just an external stimulus, but is an experience pertaining to the soul. It helps for increased happiness in life. It is what provides them with a sense of satisfaction and delivers an extremely heightened mood of euphoria.

How can you find your bliss so that you can follow it?

Finding bliss amidst all the turmoil present in personal and professional life may seem taxing and close to impossible but it is not. And you must know what works for one person may not necessarily resonate with you. The lens that you use to view your life shapes your definition of bliss. Your idea of ultimate blessedness is not about them. It is about you, about your likes and dislikes and about exploring yourself. Hence, you must know what will bring you to an ultimate state of ecstasy and there are several ways of finding what will help you conquer your bliss.

  • Let go of your baggage
  • You should always remember that you can’t reach what is in front of you, until you let go of what is behind you. Forgive and forget may seem like two words, but put them together and it will be life-altering. Feeling weighed down by the past, unsuccessful plans and relationships is toxic and you need a strong head to let go of it. See the reality of the situation and most importantly acknowledging your contribution to the failures in life. That will help you collate the wrong doings and correct them for your future endeavors. Moreover, by working with a life coach, an energy healer or a therapist, you can dislodge negative baggage and leave it all behind.

  • Accept who you are
  • If you will try to accept yourself the world surrounds you will start to accept you. You just don’t need anyone to complete your empty sides. You just need your acceptance to complete it. Learn to laugh at yourself and take life a little less seriously. Nothing ever comes out from imitating others or replicating their way of pursuing happiness. Every individual is wired differently and you must spend some time accepting your own flaws and working on them. Once you acknowledge who you are, you will be able to accept and celebrate impermanence, work on what you lack and understand where your strength lies. The only way you can face your fears headstrong and move ahead with full force is by letting it loose sometimes and seeing the humor in life and in your experiences.

  • Love What You Do, Do What You Love
  • You don’t need to aim for the success, if you want it, just do what you love and love the way you are doing it. Success will follow you naturally. The challenge of finding your bliss is ascertaining what makes you tick. It’s worth taking a moment to cogitate where your happiness comes from. If you engage in undertakings that make you exultant, then you can move in the course of your full potential or self-actualization. The fear is a persistence of failing one, but no matter where your interests take you, the conditions are incessantly changing and there will certainly be another day to uncover your best self. So catch hold of what you love, then do it, make some contingency plans and then fervently shore yourself up for the experience.

  • Know the secret of small things
  • Our strength always lies in small things because we cannot make big things happen every day. It could be a thing, as small as a flower, a gesture, as small as a smile given by the stranger on a bus, these small things and moments often go unnoticed or unappreciated. You may take it to be insignificant because they are taken for granted. We live in a society where we embrace and celebrate only the big accomplishments and leave behind these small consequential things that give us an unexplainable sort of inner peace, joy and contentment. Pick up on these little expressions and appreciate them because what matters the most are these small, jubilant tokens.

  • Switch to a healthy lifestyle
  • The mind and body are linked. Emotions impinge on the physical systems in the body, and the condition of the body in-turn affects the mind. What you eat also greatly shapes who you are. It has an unswerving effect on your mood and energy levels. It is important to indulge in short walks and a quick and easy exercise routine that increases your circulation and helps curtail inflammation in the body. It causes the cells to release endorphins that help with stress management and relieves your mind of depression. Furthermore, by doing so, the brain produces positive personality characteristics like to improve self-esteem, optimism as well as enhanced problem-solving capabilities.

  • Open up your mind and attract positivity
  • We always used to search positivity everywhere, we always used to say that he or she is a negative minded person. Actually keys to positivity lies in yourself only. It’s the positive thoughts that keeps you positive. You may find bliss when you open yourself up to new possibilities and by undertaking adventures that lets you experience big and small positive changes. You are the architect of the revolution you desire to see. If you choose happiness as your primary goal, you will be empowered to create a positive outcome from difficult situations instead of allowing other hostile areas to overshadow it. Moreover, opening up about your feelings to your loved ones and honoring and showing your gratitude will make you feel good about yourself. By doing so you will be able to sustain bliss as you see it.

  • Attending motivating seminars
  • Motivation is not a thing to carry in a bag every time. Sometime you will feel a lag or lack of energy at this point you can refresh by reading some success stories or motivational books. The energy confined in words is extraordinary. Signing yourself up for seminars and motivational talks creates a buzz that will have you wanting more. Inspiring words have a great weightage and help in skyrocketing your motivation. You can then use that momentum all the way to accomplish your set goals. There is also one on one motivational talks that are conducted through various platforms. It helps connect on a personal level and such guidance that comes from medical professionals also helps proclaim how serious and dedicated they are to you and your well-being. You can use that to turn your life around and improve it.


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