The Price Of Success

Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

We defined success over several articles such as “the progressive realization of a dream or a goal that is worth,” meaning that while there is steady progress towards achieving something, it is successful. This definition implies a continuous movement in a process of continuous improvement that leads to a specific goal.

But once you achieve the proposed objective you should pursue a new motivation and a new process to run successfully to develop a new dream. This vision of the success proposed and used by big millionaires who have developed very successful business in different professions and human fields of action, particularly for the great businessman of the direct sale multilevel marketer Dexter R. Yager S. who was his first bidder and who has influenced to million lives in the whole world, contrastsvery much with the definition that the common persons have where the success it defines basically the object or the reached goal.

So if someone has motor brand X is successful because it has this vehicle, or if someone lives in certain neighborhood or certain house,or travels for vacations to a good destination, or buys the brand of such clothes, etc. He is a human very successful human being.

However, there are many people who have the nice house, the dream car, go on vacation to beautiful places and wear clothes, are actually broken and highly indebted. Simply they are persons very sensitive to what others say, and prefer feigning a success that they do not have at the cost of his own economic ruin.

Nevertheless these extraordinary achievements also in case of a really successful person are the top of the iceberg that they do not leave to see the process of achievement of these aims or the price that had to be paid for obtaining them, clear we are speaking about someone who begins in his mind with the achievement of an aim, feeding this dream, visualizing it, living through it intensely in his mind and emotions and then taking action in the exterior world to compare his mental reality to his physical reality.

And it is in this order of ideas where every one who prepares to pay a personal price to achieve the dream and the proposed goals, developing the consistent action that makes his thoughts royal in the physical world across the time. And this is known as the price of the success.

Now in the price of success exist or it have been identified four important variables by those who have achieved a level of sustained victories to consider that are:

1. Level of desire.
2. Level and technical skills.
3. Adaptation level.
4. Education level.

Let us examine this in more detail:

1. Level of desire:
The men and women who have achieved great goals and had developed a craving for what they wanted and always fed them no matter what was happening in their lives, because it was his shield and sword to defeat any obstacle that came before sleep. In contrast, the vast majority of people do otherwise. They fickle desires rise or fall according to their mood and the course of things, so that these “wants” do not act as a stimulus to achieve big goals, but just to survive or have a commonly accepted standard of living.

2. Level skills and expertise:
The price of the success demands to have and to dominate the practical beginning of the success and these consist of the ways of operating really with certain attitude before the challenges and situations that they present in the life. Especially when the circumstances and the facts ask for a deep change in the way of thinking and acting, and the person is not ready to do such changes.

The common persons center more in the aptitude or technical knowledge to achieve the aims and omit or despise the power of the attitude to solve problems successfully. Reason by which they are annulled emotionally before the sudden changes that happen in a certain moment and remain blocked without knowing what to do or they take almost always a known route that does not demand major effort.

In daily life though it is important to have technical or professional knowledge and to be prepared well (a) to solve problems and challenges of a specific field of action, there is very much major the number of challenges that the individual has and that it needs to solve problems of practical form, since overcome fears, to get along well with other persons, to defeat the fears, to advance in the way still when one does not want to make it, handle the uncertainty, overcome the organic imbalances, etc.

3. Level Adjustment:
The adaptability plays a fundamental paper at the moment of paying a price of the success and this means to adjust in a most suitable way not resigned the daily situations that often force the persons to modify the plans to reach an aim. The problem is that this quality and capability becomes more difficult over the years, precisely where we can see that many older people do not support adapt to unexpected situations due to their emotional and mental rigidity, which makes them the price of success is too high to pay if not impossible.

4. Level of education:
Being teachable is one of the most important qualities to be successful according to the testimony of hundreds of successful persons integrally at the personal level, familiar, economic and social around the world. And especially in the information age that is in which we are, where what counts is to know the effective strategies used by who they precede us in the different human fields of action chosen, then the possible better thing to imitate his technologies and to obtain proven results in short time that diminish the most possible the curve of learning to save time that is the critical resource that happens and does not recover.

Unfortunately this level constitutes a bottleneck for many: young and old who love to reinvent the wheel and considered more important to get the proper recognition that the expected results. On the other hand, as for the price of the success as such, the experts of the topic propose five factors or indicators very important to measure it that are:

1. Level positive response to the challenges presented.
2. Time in which a person has remained in the progression of accomplishments to achieve a specific goal.
3. Level of passion with which a person works on your goals.
4. Level of commitment to their pre-set goals short and medium term to achieve the great goal dream or long term.
5. Level of response to the failure and the personal defeats.
Let’s Analyze these four categories measuring the price of success:

1. Level positive response to the challenges they are presented:
This level involves not escape the challenges and issues that arise in the way of the achievement of objectives that bring over to a definite dream and carries qualities very important that all successful person or suction to the success must know and cultivate as the capacity of sacrifice, the discipline, the persistence or perseverance, the aggressiveness in the work and the business, and the values and moral and ethical beginning.

2. Time in which a person has remained in the progression of accomplishments to achieve a specific goal:
Time is the most important numerical indicator in measuring the price of success. Because of what it is to optimize the follow techniques, lessons and experiences of those who have achieved similar goals before us.

3. Level of passion with which a person works in their objectives:
Passion is also a very important indicator at the moment of measuring the price of the success as for which between major passion exists in a person to achieve a definite goal, it will work with major determination and will do a more suitable and precise use of the resources that has and that he or she finds for the way.

4. Level of commitment with his goals defined in advance to short and medium term to achieve the dream or the great goal in the long term:
The commitment level basically born of desire to have an individual with sleep pursued. Those who only have desires and intense and concrete realities of what they want in life so that these produce a burning desire, never fully commit to what interests them. So that will always be back in the comfort zone they know and have in your life, so be it painful.

5. Level of response to failure and personal defeats:
Before speaking about failure it is necessary to speak about the temporary defeats. Because they are those who if they are not conquered across the perseverance and the design of new strategies to conquer the aim, end for winning and to lead to the failure that is a permanent defeat of the persons.

Let us then in light of this new knowledge a number of useful recommendations to implement and identify the price of success:

First of all you should define exactly what you want out of life. And this your world involves personal, family and social. And especially in those dreams where intervenes tangible economic factor.

Write each dream separately and place a time horizon of medium and long term to achieve them. Plan later intermediate goals to turn them into action objectives and available resources.

Not wait neither for the ideal moment nor the ideal resources that come ever.

Work with what you have to achieve what you want.
Work your mind through support materials human development, self-help and self-improvement.

This means being open to develop skills and take courses on how to achieve goals, overcome reading books that inspire you to take action and learn the lessons of those who achieved what you want.

Become a student in your area of ​​professional performance.But do not forget that the technical knowledge that solve specific problems is a complement to the practical knowledge that solve the most delicate situations of your daily life.

Practical Education that is the one that understands knowledge in Human Development and Self-help and Overcoming they will play the role of become you an adaptable person to the circumstances but shaping them and looking in them for tools and new resources to achieve your proposed aims.

Keep always a humble attitude to learn of the persons who know and have preceded you in the way that you want to cross or cross.

The self-sufficiency are secret enemies who make you waste one of the most valuable and exhaustible resources that the human being has: the time.
Use the indicators to measure the price of success: level of response to the challenges, time, level of passion, commitment and responsiveness to failure and defeat.

This you can do with each indicator separately for a month dividing it into three grades: good, fair and bad. And with that sincerity evaluated how far or close you are to what you get.

Control is good to do this at least every month for about a year to control and optimize the variables described or redesign progress according to the results.

For the time indicator, you should first take a numerical measure of how much you spend on achieving a goal compared to the ideal time you’ve set. Then you’ll know if this indicator has been good, fair or poor.

Pay the price of success getting up after each challenge or fall and moving towards the goal, because the awards receive a lifetime enjoy them and not the price of failure or defeat always permanent regret.

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