The Power of Visualization

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013

"Do you know what the one question is that we hear the most
from those who've made big dreams come true? 'What on earth did
I ever do to deserve this? And we're usually, like, 'Dude, you
visualized.'" - Mike Dooley

Visualization is the key to intentional creation. It is a powerful
technique whereby you see yourself succeeding at what you are about
to do before you do it. Athletes and others employ visualization
and guided imagery to see and feel themselves performing optimally.
For example, Tiger Woods believes that visualization makes a huge
difference in his performance. Before he ever swings a golf club,
he sees his shot landing precisely where he wants it. Because your
mind thinks in pictures and images, as you visualize, you are
programming your subconscious mind for success.

Visualization helps focus your creative Energies. It softens resistance
and gets you to a confident state of allowing your desire to manifest.
Visualization is such a powerful process because your subconscious
mind doesn't know the difference between something that is real
and something that is vividly imagined. Your subconscious mind becomes
more receptive to your desires when they are charged with strong
emotion. When you conjure up the vision AND the feeling of your
desire, you activate the vibration of your desire and the Universe
responds with the manifestation.

Visualization Exercise. Two excellent times to visualize
are at night as you're drifting off to sleep and in the morning
as you're waking up. At those times, you're in a state of allowing
- relaxed and focused inward. Sit or recline comfortably. Close
your eyes and take a few long slow deep breaths. Focus on your breathing
and allow distractions and idle thoughts to float on by. Bring your
consciousness to one part of your body at a time. Focus your attention
on your toes and feet. Feel them begin to relax. Gradually move
up your body, relaxing each muscle. Release the tension in your
body one muscle at a time. Inhale deeply. Exhale completely. Relax
and breathe.

As you relax and breathe deeply, visualize yourself in the most
tranquil setting you can imagine - perhaps lying on a raft in a
lake, being lovingly rocked by the gentle currents of the water.
As you float in this peaceful state, begin painting a picture in
your mind of what you desire. See yourself as vividly as possible
living a life that is perfect for you in every way. See the
way you look, feel, act, and speak. See what exhilarating activities
you're engaged in and see who you're enjoying them with. See and
feel yourself, your body, your health, your environment, your relationships,
your work, your entire life with great emotion exactly the way you
want it to be. After a few minutes of intense focus on your desire,
take another deep breath and slowly open your eyes.

You know from the Law of Attraction that the process for attracting
and creating anything you desire is to focus on what you want and
feel it into being. As you visualize your dreams with strong
emotion, they will come true for you. Use the power of visualization
to design and create the life you truly desire - the life of your
most extraordinary dreams.

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