The Power of Self Compassion

Dr. Purushothaman
October 10, 2013

The power of Self Compassion
can greatly be defined as the way you treat other people and most importantly ourselves..I stumbled across a psychologist by the name of Kevin Hogan..A world renowned scholar who explains about self compassion..

now of course it wasn't so much explain about other people it was more focused on "self compassion" Which is not so much different. Let me explain..

How many times have you failed a test...or better yet many times have you tried to dance with a girl in a club but she turned you down>..Or better yet women,,how do you feel after your boyfriends breaks up with you after yu out your love into the relationship? how many times have you blamed yourself for it> what did you say to yourself? Did you say oh ok will be alright" or did you just beat yourself up because of it..

I've come to find out that a lot of use beat ourselves up because the state of rejection that we unconsciously don't know that we are creating even more misery than what we had before..
The power of Self Compassion
I mean i was lot like that..I for one always had trouble with tests..I used to get soooo nervous during test time that no matter how much i studied..i always felt butterflies..What worst is if i fail that me..will not hesitate to tell myself how stupid i was for doing much for self compassion..

But i recently read one Kevin Hogan's articles and it talked about being your own best friend..Say to yourself what you would say to a friend that that going to take that same test..You would say you're a dumb-ass..if so you are probably not a very good friend..No you would more likely tell your friend good luck or break a leg..or my personal favorite "you got this bruh"

Its just a way of telling yourself in the most compassionate understanding way possible that it will be OK...

I've had implemented this technique..and let me tell ya it has worked wonders for me..I hardly ever get upset..and when i do..i gently tell myself to "relax"..or be calm...Now spiritually i can get into this all day..but what i want to show is the basics..and how to implement it..
The power of self compassion
So that for me..not just for me but for yourself..When you feel discourage,, doesn't matter...just tell yourself to relax, and i almost guaranteed if will for you...Just remind yourself to be yourself as you would your best friend..Comfort your being..nurture your being..Exhibit self compassion.

Now I'm not talking about an of the mental home strategies..where they give you pills and no no..I'm talking about loving yourself..and as you will begin to let go of all the stupid little feeling and emotions that once held you back in life..

You will begin to understand that you are not really those feeling and emotions..That are just a message programmed in your head years ago by someone who didn't known any better..

Once you see that..and implement the power of self compassion,,nothing really can effect you...You will be whole with yourself..You will be comfortable in your own skin...try'll see!

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