The Power of Pray

Dr. Purushothaman
November 6, 2014

Can we refuse the power of Pray today? Prayer can be all emotional, freely, or it can take on a more scientific approach. It all depends on how you view pray. The right pray is the "Lord's Prayer" and the scriptures tell us how to pray. Proverbs 7 talks about the beginning of Wisdom and the fear of God (humility) and the Torah is the Pathway" to life an instruction manual on how we should live our lives.

Not being a quantum physics major, it can be hard to understand the science of God". We read in Genesis, that in the beginning God spoke the Word and thus the Earth came into being. When Christ spoke the Word, it was so. We understand that the scriptures are Spirit and Holy men of God were moved by the Holy Spirit as they wrote from the pen of Inspiration. So if the scriptures are alive and of Spirit, then shouldn't ones prays be of Life and Spirit". When we commune with Christ, is he not with us every part of the day?

In the book "The Power of Positive Thinking" the author Norman Vincent Peale" discusses in one of his chapters about a health club owner who is explaining the letters APRPBWPRAA written on the wall in his office, the man enquire into the meaning of these letters, simply replied back saying that these letters mean Affirmative Prayers Release Powers By Which Positive Results Are Accomplished. Isn't that profound, the fact that powerful prayers produce positive results. So if the scriptures give life and power behind the words, then when we pray of positive things from the scriptures, should they not also give life?

How many of us have heard that the tongue can bring into being life or death? Are not our actions and words we speak determined by our beliefs? For example if you say to yourself negative things about yourself and others, are you not bringing about a spirit of unbelief, doubt and alternately condemning oneself and to others around you.

Proverbs speaks to us about the power of the tongue, giving life or death. Think about this, as people pray or speak all this communication gets scrambled as it is ascending up to heaven, records are taken, prays before the alter, you would think it would drive God crazy. Do you remember when Moses struck the rock, what did he say "you band of rebels" he momentarily lost it and forgot that he was acting under the authority given from God. We need to be so careful on how we speak to others and ourselves.

Let us strive to be amongst the 144,000 with no guile in our mouths, but love for one another and let us remember when we pray, pray life giving big prays, prays that can move a Nation back to God. Mordechai and Esther is a classic story of hope and together with God became an unrecognizable force for the Jewish nation. So brethren let us pray positively and pray without ceasing, let us not fall asleep as the disciples for that hour is upon us.
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My name is Craig McCartan and I reside in London and have two boys aged 12. I try to uphold Christian values and love to write on personal experiences and on Christian Spiritual themes. For more information please visit my website at

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