The noble practice to lead a religious and happy life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

Worshipping of god and goddess in the temple and homes is continuing for many centuries in India. In India many Pujas are performed throughout the year in the temple and houses in order to lead a more religious and successful life. It is performed for various reasons which are according to the need and situation of the individuals. This is performed in order to remove the bad influence of the planet which can affect our lives. There are rituals which are performed in order to remove the influence of evil spirits from our life which is preventing us to lead a good life. It is performed to get a good energy and good cosmic vibration in the house which is used to sanctify our home and create a good environment. This shows that it helps to create good environment to live happy and secure life.

The temple is the home of the gods where the people go there to get some blessing which it is seeking from the diving beings. It is believed that the people praying in complete faith and sincerity get the blessing which it is seeking. So, people should go to the temple in order to take darshan of god and place all its offering. This should be performed with complete Puja items in order to make it complete and pleasing for the god. First of all, the offerings are taken to the temple in the thali. It is then place in front of the god as an offering to the god to please it. Then, we bow our head to revere the Supreme Being to shower its blessing to us. The learned chant mantra and verses which vibrate positive energy among the devotees in the temple. After the completion of reading the mantra, the priests give prassada as a blessing from god to the devotees. So, Puja is performed with the help of highly learned priest who is known to invoke blessing while we are praying in the temple

The religious people wear many things which are considered helpful to lead a good life. This is done to avert the unseen accidents and secure our lives from the unseen dangers or evil spirits. In this context, Rudraksha is an important item which is being in India since the ancient times. This is considered to be the eye of the lord Shiva and it has great religious significance among the Hindus. If it is worn as a form of garland in the neck it can thwart the accidents coming on our way and lead to success in our works. It maintains our positive energy and removes our negative energy if it is energized properly by performing perfect rituals. Even scientists have found that it can be helpful in decreasing blood pressure, stress, and depression to lead a happy life.

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