The Life Changing Power Of Positive Thoughts

Dr. Purushothaman
September 20, 2013

Positive thoughts foster desirable images, conceptions, words, sentiments, emotions, energy or vibrations of joy, happiness, achievement, expansion and development.

The brain is a strong instrument in bringing about life changing effects so nourishing it with positivism pulls in what it wants.
The cosmos is made up of good and bad energy. If yours is a positive one, you emanate it and like a magnet, you will get all the favorable results.

Some will call it luck. Others might call it success achieved through hard work.

But have you noticed that truly successful people seem not afraid to go wrong? Why is that? Because they don’t think they would fail in the first place. This attitude makes a great difference.

Positive thoughts are as powerful as negative thoughts so it is important to keep your emotions and mental attitude towards all aspects of life under control. Of course, you can’t always eliminate negative thoughts in your life, but you can certainly minimize it by training your mind to view the bright side of things.

In other words, you should harness the power of positive thinking to be successful.

Change don't happen overnight. Positive thinking takes focus, practice and determination. No matter how things develop, problems are simply a part of life and giving in to your emotions is only normal.

What you should keep in mind is to make a switch as soon as you acknowledge any negative thoughts. Don’t dwell on it too long. Instead think of happy and cheerful events in your life. Smile frequently to break a gloomy situation.

Positive thoughts become effective when reinforced. Affirmations tend to help a lot. Repeat one affirmation every day. You may also learn inspirational quotes or stories. Listen to a happy song and if you feel like it, start dancing. Create a list of positive words and repeat each several times.

Envision what you want to have in your life and how having those things or situations may benefit you.

Maybe you want a new car because you want to shuttle to and from your work and home effortlessly? Then think about the comfort of hassle-free traveling. You wouldn’t be late for your work anymore and more significantly; you’ll be more productive. When you get more productive, you will be up for promotion shortly.

See, how these thoughts lead to bigger and beneficial results? Once you have mastered this method, you can easily aspire for anything and get it.


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