The Lens of Compassionate Curiosity

Dr. Purushothaman
October 10, 2013

Stuck. Overwhelmed. Scattered. Whatever word you may use to describe the phenomenon, there are times in the entrepreneurial journey where the movement we desire is just not happening. There may be plenty of ideas and contemplation, yet no real spark and very little action. Basically, we are expending a lot of energy....and going nowhere.

So what to do in these stressful scenarios? Well, the further down the entrepreneurial road I travel, the more I realize that calling on compassionate curiosity is a superb way to go. If we choose to view our struggles through this empowering lens, they truly can serve as an avenue for radical growth and transformation.

The next time you find yourself spinning your wheels or feeling stuck and stagnant with your dream, I invite you to get wildly curious and play with the following questions.

~ Is the "big picture" immobilizing you? Our big vision is meant to be a source of boundless inspiration and a clear guiding light. The struggle seems to ensue when we get hyper focused on the details and begin thinking that we need to have it all figured out ahead of time. Holding our dream in this manner is a sure-fire way to get stuck and overwhelmed. Given this truth, I encourage you to remember that it is NOT your job to micro-manage every aspect of your unfolding. Your job is to remember that you are co-creating with the Universe. Your job is to stay connected to Source and take it one step at a time. So when you are stuck, check in with yourself. Do you really believe that one small step can have a huge impact and ignite magical momentum? And are you willing to let go and trust the creative process?

~ Are "shoulds" running the show? If you are struggling to feel inspired and motivated, it is a perfect opportunity to get super curious about what is driving you in the first place. Take a close look at what it is you are trying to move forward with and see if it is rooted in genuine desire. Does it feel like a path to deeper aliveness and joy, or do you feel like you "should" be focused there? Are you listening to your own internal wisdom or allowing others to decide what the next best step is for you? Bottom line, what do YOU really want? And is there a need to free yourself from the "shoulds" so that you can discover the divine dance that occurs in a space of pure authenticity and alignment?

~ Are you trying to get into action BEFORE getting into alignment? This one is all about exploring your energy and, most importantly, giving yourself permission to focus on BEING before jumping into DOING. If it is feeling hard, if you are lost in the energy of trying, forcing and pushing, it is time to pause. You are in a state of resistance. And when you are in this place, not only is it incredibly difficult to move forward without a lot of angst and inner turmoil, but what you are ultimately wanting will elude you. Why? You are not energetically aligned with your desire. You are not in a receiving mode. So with this in mind, I invite you to see any experience of struggle as an invitation to tend to your vibration. During such episodes, how could you reconnect to Source and deepen your knowi ng that All Is Well? How can you relax and reclaim your natural state of joy and well-being? I assure you that this is where your true power lives. Once you tap back into this sacred energy, the action you are craving will flow from you with breathtaking ease.

~ Have you fallen into the perfectionism trap? I will be the first to admit that as emerging entrepreneurs it can be easy to fall into thinking that we don't know enough, we're not good enough or we are just not ready for this, that or the other. Undoubtedly, the constant stretching outside our comfort zone provides ample opportunities for our saboteurs to get ridiculously riled up! And the experience can be intense. Feeling like we need to be perfect, we can then quickly get trapped in a pattern of endless preparing and postponing. Sound familiar? If so, I urge you to remember that while the inner critic can have an extremely loud and distracting voice, it has no real power. I find it ultra liberating to affirm that it only has as much power as we give to it. Your real power rests in knowing that we are ALL perfectly imperfect. Yes, every single one of us. No exceptions. And it is beautiful. And you know what else? You have tons to contribute, right here, right now. Every step you are taking in your journey has monumental value that can help you to serve others with even more impact, understanding and integrity. Are you open to honoring this truth? Are you ready to fully own that the world is waiting to be blessed by your unique offerings?

In closing, I am compelled to offer a loving reminder that you are being invited to explore the above inquiries with not just curiosity, but compassionate curiosity. And please, I am talking about a hearty dose of compassion! It is so important to acknowledge that the way we treat ourselves in the midst of our struggling plays a dramatic role in determining how much time we spend there, as well as the growth that we are able to embrace. So again, stay curious. What is the story you tell yourself when you are spinning your wheels? How would you describe the tone of your self-talk? Is it one of compassion, tenderness and trust? Or are you inclined to beat yourself up with self-judgment, criticism and fear run amok?

Never underestimate the difference that your choice makes.

The more we can shift into self-love, curiosity, trust and non-judgment, the more we can access who we really are. And in this process of realigning with Source energy, we find the doorway back to FLOW and inspired action. Guaranteed.

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