The Law Of Attraction Process For Newbies

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Using the power of the human mind by man to attract any object of desire from the infinite universe into manifestation in actual reality is known as The Law of attraction. In other words, it is the ability to achieve anything that one wants in life.

It is a New age spiritual concept that has human mind power as its focal centre. Humans only use a mere fraction of the total capacity that their mind has and if one can master the control of his own subconscious then the Law of Attraction can be successfully induced.

The popularity of this Law can be attributed to the 2006 movie 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne which was all about attaining your objects of desire from the universe by using the power of your mind. Rhonda Byrne has since then also published a book by the same name.

The technique of ask-believe-receive was the central tenet in the movie through which an individual could attract anything he desired in life.

Firstly, you must 'Ask' yourself what your main object of desire is. It might be anything and it differs from person to person. F or example, it might be a lot of money, the promotion that you have long dreamt of, a grand mansion or the latest sports car.

'Believe' refers to having complete faith that your chosen object of desire is coming your way. This is undoubtedly the most difficult as well as the most important aspect since even the slightest of doubts in one's mind your not let the law work.

'Receiving is' getting the fruits of your intense focus and concentration with open arms when the universe gives you your object of desire.

The maximum difficulty faced is in the 'believe' step which also happens to be the most difficult since you need to develop complete faith within yourself o the fact that your object of desire would soon be happening to you.

Suppose your object of desire in life is to become the CEO of the company you work for, so you need to see yourself in that position since visualization is the best technique to induce the law of attraction. Imagine that you are sitting in that chair, signing papers and giving orders.

Deep concentration coupled with intense focus results in energy flow from you which then radiate out to connect to the infinite energy of the cosmos into attracting your object of desire from the same.

Meditation can safely be stated to the most effective method of becoming aware of one's own subconscious ad tapping into and developing the powers that are hidden within it. So, it is the second technique through which the law of attraction can be made to work.

Your first job is to find out a calm and quiet corner where there is no chance of you getting disturbed. It can be in the neighborhood park or in a tranquil corner in your home. But remember not to take in a heavy meal immediately before.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing and lie down or sit comfortably. Take a moment to become aware of your own breathing and your own existence. Think about what your mind is thinking and cleanse it off all negative thoughts.

Practice breathing in and out deeply for mind cleansing and relaxation purposes. Thereafter, to relax your body, clench your muscles and release them after a few seconds and do this a few times for attaining heightened relaxation.

After relaxation, it is now time to practice visualization where you envision or see yourself having attained the object of desire you seek. Intensely focus and concentrate on this vision and let all your related emotions such as joy, happiness, sense of achievement, etc flow from you.

The infinite energy of the cosmos is an all pervasive force that exists all around and within us. In fact, the universe, the world, the different planes of consciousness and our very existence is a manifestation of energy in one form or the other.

The energy outflow from your end in the form of emotions becomes stronger when you couple it with the power of true belief and faith. This makes it connect well with the infinite universal energy into manifesting in real life what you truly believe is coming your way.

As a conclusion, it can be safely added that if one practices the universal law of attraction, then his mind power can be developed to such an extent so as to attain any object of desire that has in life.

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