The Law Of Attraction - How You Can Apply It In Your Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Are you familiar with the law of attraction? It talks about how your current thoughts can determine the outcomes of daily situations. You see, our thoughts and situations are made up of energy, and this energy attracts like energy. That is just how the Universe works. Hence, if you are an optimistic person, you tend to experience positive happenings, whereas if you are a pessimist, you may tend to experience bad happenings. I will be talking about this in greater detail in this article, so do stick around for what I am about to share with you. I believe it can change your life, and not just your perspectives in life.

Always Stay Positive

For a start, you should always stay positive. Make it a habit to think positive thoughts, even when you do not feel like it. By doing so, the energy within you becomes positive, and you are telling the Universe, “I have all this positive energy in me, so bring me more positive energy! The Universe will respond, and you will experience good happenings, and you will become happy. What if you are in a situation where it is difficult for you to be happy? Or what if something bad happens to you instead? Don't stop staying positive! Your positive energy is on the way. Plus, by you staying negative, you are merely going to attract more negative energy into your life. You might as well turn things around and choose to stay positive in the midst of a difficult situation. The law of attraction will kick in whether you have positive or negative energy.

Help Others Because You Know You're Blessed

The law of attraction is not really like karma, but I do encourage you to help others. You are not helping others so that you get good in return. You are helping others because you know that you have all this positive energy in you, and you want to share it with others. It really is like sharing joy with other people, especially if they really need it. You could end up brightening someone's day and even changing his or her perspectives in life. Besides, being selfish is a form of negative energy. You do not just want to keep all that positive energy for yourself. We live in a world full of negativity. In order for it to change, people who have an abundance of positive energy need to share it with those who don't have it.

By now I hope you have a better understanding of how the law of attraction works and how you can apply it in your life. So stay positive, and be sure to help others.

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