The Key To Nurturing Positive Thoughts

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 20, 2013

Positive thoughts lead to positive actions which often have
favourable outcomes. In turn they reaffirm our positive thinking.

This is a well known virtuous circle which many of us strive to
achieve. Some would even say it is the key to general well being
and attracting abundance, be it in terms of money, abilities or

If we accept there is at least some truth in the beneficial
effects of creating and holding onto positive thoughts then the
real question is how to achieve this mindset. If you are trapped
in a downward spiral of negative thinking it is not always that

Understanding the power of affirmations is merely the first step
in creating a positive thinking pattern. Whilst standing in front
of a mirror you repeat confident positive statements about
yourself. The idea is that by repetition you develop a habit of
thinking about yourself in a positive way. This idea is sound but
only a small part of the whole technique.

It is all too easy to repeat affirmations whilst secretly not
truly believing them. So here is a little trick to make them work.

Understand that your mind processes thoughts in an unusual way. A
thought comes in and is either rejected or stored away in your
subconscious. It is the subconscious mind that controls most of
your daily activities, often called habits.

If you repeat your affirmations but simply reject them, they do
not get stored in the subconscious mind. So here is the secret.

If you repeat the affirmation and immediately follow it with a
question, your mind automatically accepts the affirmation as true
and stores it.

Think about it. If somebody says you look great today, your
first reaction is probably to deny it and not believe it. If
instead you are told you look great and are asked if you had been
to the gym today, you would instantly go to answer the question.

It does not matter if you respond yes or no to the question. The
positive statement that you look great has slipped past your
conscious mind and been accepted and stored. This is because your
conscious mind has been kept busy in processing the question and
determining the answer.

This is the ultimate key to successful affirmations.

To make this technique work for you, repeat your affirmation and
think of a question to follow it. Then answer that question with
another positive statement.

An example would be; I am looking slimmer today. How am I going
to keep in shape today? I will walk to work.

Also try this with people you know. Give them a compliment and
immediately ask them a question. See how easily they accept the
compliment and answer the question rather than try and reject
your compliment.

To create a habit of positive thoughts it is important to
practice daily for at least thirty days. If you have a collection
of these simple little mind skills it will be many times more


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