The key to a happy life – complete nutrition

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

The nutrition and health stands nowhere when it comes to planning your career or when you are in the midst of completion of some important work. When you do not put your health first, you are bound to face the consequences which are sure to surface in the future. The idea of a balanced diet gains its importance when a person does not find time to fulfil his nutritional needs, in a way which he is supposed to follow. These ideas of not following the nutritional value of food and incorporating a partly balanced diet results in weakness, lack of energy and fatigue. Now to worsen the situation, individuals have switched to street foods which are in no way a substitute to fulfil the nutritional needs of the body. This choice of action takes them to face severe health issues like diabetes, arthritis, obesity etc.

This has become a cause of concern in the society which is striving hard to rely on natural elements and a healthy lifestyle. Due to the occurring situations, the doctors and scientists across the globe are on an expedition to find an answer to all health related issues. They often suggest the use of dietary supplements to cover the imbalance of nutrition that will help the individuals, follow the path of healthy lifestyle. These supplements drive their origin from naturally occurring constituents like minerals and vitamins as their ingredients that help increase the nutritional value of such products. The loss that the supplement has to recover can alter the effectiveness of the ingredients. Such cases occur when a person tries to sacrifice his health to perform the daily tasks. This leads him to be prone to the health hazards which can drain the life out of the person, if not taken care of. This proves that the supplement has to cover a long distance as far as nutrition is concerned.

Being familiar to the fact of the essential nutrition required for an average human body, the supplement is able to perform fairly. This was in some way, not accepted by the some doctors and they performed tests to yield the efficiency of the product. The results cleared the common misconceptions about the supplement regarding the adulteration in the ingredients to enhance bodily functions.

Hexagon Nutrition Pvt Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of clinical supplements and natural supplements has introduced a new nutritive supplement called PentaSure. It is a source of balanced nutrition enriched with soya protein isolate, it is said to be a source of complete balanced nutrition. It provides adequate carbohydrates to maintain the protein-sparing effect, with zero cholesterol and fat. It is completely lactose and gluten-free, which makes it an option for lactose intolerants. It helps in weight gain. It comes in powdered form which makes it ideal for oral as well as tube feeding. It can be consumed either with milk or plain water, and no one has to compromise with taste as it is available in delicious vanilla flavor. So if you are planning to change the way you eat, the above supplement can prove to be a complete substitute for your regular dietary intake.

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