Importance Of Sexual Wellbeing In Family Life

Dr. Purushothaman
July 1, 2018

A healthy living encompasses a whole range of issues which includes sexual wellbeing. The proper functioning of reproductive organs is integral to overall health. It is also very important that you do not neglect your sexual health due to hesitancy or any other issue. Rather, it is crucial that in case of any problems, you should consult a sexual counselor. They are well trained to put you at ease about such sensitive matters and guide you on it.

How Sexual Wellbeing Impacts Family Life?

The concept of health has evolved a lot and as far as sexual health is concerned, it impacts at the individual as well as social level. An individual’s understanding of responsibilities, prevention and other matters play an important role in their sexual wellbeing, just as much as social and cultural understanding.  A healthy sex life has a good impact on one's mental and emotional health. Couples that share a good bond and can have an open dialogue on these matters create a good family model. From deciding when to have kids, educating their children on these tentative matters and enjoying a healthy holistic life are all benefits of sexual wellbeing in family life. 

A lot of couples make use of online marriage counselling in India to ensure a smooth course in their life together. An important issue covered there is sexual compatibility which affects an individual’s overall health and behavior. A positive married life has a direct impact on other family members, especially children. Intimacy and love between parents lay the foundation of children's interpersonal relationship with others.

Teaching Children Healthy Sexuality

Sexuality education for children and adolescents plays a very important role in shaping their perception of reproductive organs and sexuality. Young minds generally gravitate towards unauthentic mediums to know more about the changes in them and sexuality as a whole. Our society being of a more traditional mindset generally discourages children from raising questions on this taboo. This often leads to them taking an unhealthy approach to their body and sex. Rising cases of teenage pregnancy and even sexually transmitted diseases calls for an open approach on this topic.

Consulting sexual counselors should not be looked upon as a matter of shame. It should rather be encouraged as a positive step towards healthy living.

The Role Of Family

Everything a child learns at an early age is what he or she picks up from the family. The traits exhibited by each parent directly influences the child. Their approach towards sex and sexuality also shapes the young mind. A man who treats his wife as a submissive and has a callous approach towards woman would showcase a bad behavior. This would, in turn, become a deeper issue of personal character for the child in question. It can step way deeper and turn his views about sexuality as one associated with dominance.

As a parent, one must know that it's easier to shape character sooner than later in the lives of children. This is why sexual wellbeing is all the more important in family life. It is important to be well informed and share a good and healthy participation with one’s partner to inculcate proper teachings in children.

An important component of family life is sex education. To be really comfortable with one’s sexuality is an important component of a healthy family life. There are good portals for online sexual counselling in India and even free online sexual counselling in India. Make use of these mediums to stay informed and to enjoy an altogether healthy life. Subscribe to Living In Wellbeing and stay tuned to our blogs for more such informative content on sexual wellbeing.

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