The Importance of Accepting Responsibility

Dr. Purushothaman
September 30, 2013

The Importance of Accepting Responsibility

Welcome to day 2, how were the exercises yesterday? Remember, by doing the exercises you will improve your understanding of the material we will cover with you.

Lesson 2 - Success Strategies

Today, we are going to talk about how accepting responsibility for your present situation will open up your possibility for growth. There is a huge difference between forgiveness and trust. Forgiveness is about the past, trust is about the future. Today, we are going to learn how to let go of our past and concentrate on our future. This is a vital part of living a happy abundant life!

When you start to take responsibility for yourself, your life, and your situation, you can begin the journey to your future. You now understand how you arrived at your current situation. How your thoughts led you to your actions which ultimately has created your results and left you where you are today. It is time to forgive yourself and begin the journey to the life you deserve. Starting today, your life will not be an apology it will be statement!

Beneficial Advice

How many times do we hear advice that we think is good or even breathtaking. Instead of thinking of ourselves, we often think of others in our lives that need this advice. The question we should be asking "How can this benefit me?" When we take the focus off others and focus on changing ourselves we make our lives better. We will then create a better environment and example for the "Others in our Lives". By changing ourselves, we change others. In order to do this, we must first forgive ourselves for our past and start to create our future today.

Have you ever lost a sale, said the wrong thing to a friend, or made a mistake that you didn't forgive yourself? You cannot change your past, but you can forgive yourself for it. When you learn from your mistakes you create a better future.

"Forgiveness is a secret that is hidden in plain sight. It cost nothing and is worth millions. It is available to everyone and used by few."
-Abraham Lincoln


In order to take responsibility for your life, you must first take a personal inventory of where you are right now. This will allow you to liberate yourself from your own mental stranglehold: It is time to FORGIVE YOURSELF!!!

List below the things in your past you must forgive yourself for so you can focus on creating your future! Use separate sheet of paper if necessary.

I accept responsibility for my past and I will concentrate on my future.






Read this affirmation below, sign, date, and print this out to read and live by on a daily basis.

"From this moment forward. I will accept responsibility for my past. I understand that the beginning of wisdom is to accept the responsibility for my own problems and that by accepting responsibility for my past; I free myself to move into a bigger, brighter future of my own choosing."

___________________________________ ___________________
Signed Date



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