The Growth of Education Sector Creating Opportunities for Teaching Jobs in India

Colorful pencil crayons on a sheet of lined paper, Education background

Dr. Purushothaman
November 30, 2013

The present generation indeed put a great emphasis on education, as it is the component, which is a must for surviving in the dynamic society of today. Education gives the privilege of acquiring special skill set and knowledge and has a better life with lesser struggle. As the population density of India is ever increasing, therefore the need for education always shows an increasing trend. This in turn marks a development in the education sector creating newer opportunities for jobs in India.

As education has always gained a special status in India, hence the private enterprises have also taken a special interest in the sector as they sensed more job opportunities in India. From time immortal, education has been regarded as an almost holy element protected by the priests in the sanctuaries and the pursuit for knowledge has always been the considered as the trait of the superiors. This is not the fact believed by the contemporary men but still education holds the highest degree of value for all and most importantly reckoned as an exquisite requirement to pursue a commendable career in India.

Now, education is closely related to teaching and in that context, the one element that really worth a mention is the orientation of the education system of India towards private tuition. There are numerous institutions representing varied size and scale and they are growing at a rapid pace primarily enhancing the scope of private tuitions and coaching classes but at the same time it is establishing the base for more teaching jobs in India. On the same line the big names in the private sector are coming forward implementing the organizational skills in the developing educational sector in India. Alongside, the young generation being more capable monetarily are not far behind in paying for the expensive education services in offer for them. Very recently HDFC has taken a major initiative by making an investment in a company called Career Launcher, which will surely serve as an important educational unit boosting careers of able Indians.

Even the major industry leaders are opening up educational units offering trainings for prominent courses in MBA, IAS and various other entrance and competitive exams. Thus options for teaching jobs in India are increasing. The corporate houses taking the initiative include Nirma, Zee learning, Reliance and several others. They are making huge investments to build up a strong educational infrastructure in India so that talents can be picked up easily and can be utilized in organizational expansion.

The immediate outcome being enhancement in the job opportunities in India for teachers. There are opportunities as part time lecturers, professors, teaching jobs in government and various eminent private institutions and the pay packages in most cases are attractive ones. With each passing day, newer institutions are coming up and they are yet increasing the opportunities.

The education sector is expected to see an investment of about $100 billion by various private players over the next 5 years. The basic degrees required for teaching jobs in school include graduation (B.Com, B.Sc, B.A or other equivalent degrees along with a B.Ed., although, Masters is more preferable to have the perfect job. Masters with PhD will give the opportunity to bag a job of teaching in colleges, so education is the ultimate keyword to achieve the goal.

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