The Fix to Your Annoying Smartphone Habits

Dr. Purushothaman
January 10, 2014


The first step to break our bad habits always starts with the acknowledgement that we really have those habits in our system. Once we have that realization, we therefore recognize that there is something that needs to be rectified. And in relation to bad mobile habits, there are quite a number of habits developed by users that are already alarming; people must undertake certain actions to get rid of them.
However, even if you are already aware of your inappropriate phone etiquette, it still is hard to completely take them out. You may see results through, but it isn't a hundred percent sure if that change will come into fruition. No matter how determined you are, sometimes willpower just isn't enough. So, what you need to do is to have a plan of action. Employ some strategies in making sure that you get to kick your bad mobile habits to the curb. Read on for some tips.
1. Make it conscious. An effective method in defeating the giant is by targeting its core. In the case of your problem, you have to figure out why you are into that kind of habit. If you think that something else triggers that habit, then you should make an effort to stay away from the trigger.
2. Penalize yourself. Set some rules and regulations with respect to your bad mobile phone usage. Make sure to impose sanctions if ever you missed to observe the right thing to do. It, too, will be of great help to let your friends know of your endeavor, for they can help in monitoring your progress.
3. Replace the habit. Sometimes, a replacement is just the fix to get rid of your defective habits. All you have to do is find a positive one that can substitute what needs to be changed. For example, subconsciously navigating through your phone whenever you feel a bit uncomfortable during a date may seem like you're being disrespectful. Instead, you can just channel your jittery feeling through a stress ball to help you stay calm.
4. Put it in writing. People's memories are not as much reliable than a concrete documentation. It's best to jot down your bad smartphone habits in a piece of paper together with your goal to break it. Furthermore, this sort of action will cause you to think that you really mean business, not just something that you'll take for granted.
5. Be patient. This you have to keep in mind; behavioral conditioning is a long process that takes a very long time. You surely can't change overnight. The most feasible thing to do is to set realistic goals which usually take about 2 to 3 weeks for those habits to completely go away. Don't pay too much attention on the process; focus on the destination, which is your goal.
It's not fair to think ill of the mobile phone industry or tech stores either in the mall or online mobile stores like E_cell. They are not the cause of your bad mobile habits. Everything originated from you; hence, you are the one who needs to put a stop to it. And if you are committed enough, then believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you are stronger than the bad habits that preside over your life.

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