The Five Basic Principles To Help Build Your Self Confidence

Dr. Purushothaman
September 20, 2013

Firstly, you need to realise that you have the ability to achieve your main aim in life so you must have a continual persistent attitude when applying yourself to attain the goal.

Secondly, you must contribute some of your daily time towards positive thinking in relation to who you want to be. Realise that these dominant thoughts will eventually be expressed in the physical actions that will get you where you want to go.

Thirdly, through auto suggestion you need to know how the desire you have in your head will come out as a physical reality, so try and develop self confidence every day.

Fourthly, with your chief aim written down, you must promise yourself that you will never stop trying to achieve it, even if your confidence levels mean that you are not ready. You will take on your objectives when you are confident enough.

Fifthly, you should not step on the toes of others to achieve your goals. You will be able to succeed in a way that benefits those who work with you. A negative attitude to people will not bring success. You will be able to make others believe in you to reaffirm your self belief.

Repeat these five points every day to yourself to influence your subconscious thoughts, and to help make you independent and successful.

Behind the Five points is what psychologists have referred to as auto suggestion.

The point to remember is that thoughts whether they are positive or negative, tend to become expressed by you in a physical way.

So, a thought that is fuelled by fear, will be expressed physically just as a thought that is expressed by faith will be too.

In medical history there have been cases of what has been called “suggestive suicide”. One case in mid west America involved a bank official named Joseph Grant who borrowed a large sum of the banks money, without consent.

He gambled the money away and was later found in a hotel in a state of depression saying the disgrace would kill him. When he was found dead days later the Doctors said it was a case of “mental suicide”.

This also explains the dangers of letting negative thoughts dominate your subconscious mind.

The principle of auto suggestion can lead you to success, prosperity and happiness just as it can make you miserable and lead you to fail.

This is why filling your mind with positive thoughts and emotions when applying the use of auto suggestion is the key to your success.

If you think you will fail then you more than likely will.

If you are positive you will succeed, you will have a better chance of doing so.

In this world, the people that win are the ones that know they can.

To see evidence of the power of faith, regardless of whether you are religious or not, it is a good idea to look at Christianity.

Aside from looking into the origins of Christianity and instead recognising that it has influenced the minds of people for over two thousand years, it is easy to see how strong having faith in such a concept can be.

Without any scientific understanding of the idea of “miracles” people have only their faith in them to support their belief that they occur.

Many however follow Christianity without understanding faith at all.

One of the most extraordinary examples of the power of faith was displayed in one of the most well known of men in history, Mahatma Gandhi.

Without any of the things that many people would say typically displays power in a leader, like money, or an army behind him, or even a home, he still had power.

Through the power of faith he had over two hundred million followers, all who fed off his faith which then helped to strengthen their own.

No one else could do more with the power of faith than such a man as Gandhi, and no other force except faith could influence to such an extent.

Faith is now something that is important in modern life within business and industry.

As an example about how businessmen have faith in their power, to accumulate wealth through the way in which they ‘give before trying to get’.

The story that demonstrates this point starts in 1900 when the USA Steel Corporation was forming, and Charles M. Schwab was the man behind the birth of that Corporation.

He used his imagination to create the idea to begin with.

Then he added his faith to the idea which then helped him create a plan to make the dream a reality.

He then made his plan known, through a famous speech he gave at the University Club.

He then used his determination and persistence to make the plan work, devoting himself to making it successful.

He used a burning desire to make it happen.

If there was ever an example of the Think And Grow Rich Made Easy then this is it.

This should now give you the faith to believe that anything is possible, and that you too can obtain your fortune, using exactly the same principles, so go for it today.


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