The Evolution Of Mind Mapping: How Imindmap Is Releasing Mind Mapping's Full Potential.

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

Mind Mapping is a powerful, visual form of note-taking that provides the key to unlocking the potential of the brain. Developed by Tony Buzan in the late 1960s, Mind Mapping has achieved immense global popularity through its varied application in the fields of education and business and in supporting personal development. Until recently, Mind Mapping was primarily a paper-based thinking tool as technology had not been adequately capable of simulating the natural thinking processes of the human brain. Lately, the Buzan Organisation has successfully produced a solution which combines the concept of Mind Mapping with the power of technology – iMindMap™. iMindMap™ is the first software in history that fully captures the associative, organic nature of human thought.

By using software to facilitate Mind Mapping, the technique can be extended far beyond its traditional capabilities, creating an explosion in creativity, innovation and knowledge sharing. The main premise behind the creation of iMindMap™ is that it would enable users to create truly personal, organic Mind Maps without restricting the thinking process in any way. Forcing users to work within a rigid framework or allowing the software to control the design of the map would go against everything the Buzan Organisation has researched about how the brain works. The process of creating maps should be unique and personal to the user for there to be maximum benefits.

One of the disadvantages of computer generated, linear looking maps is that they do not usually express the creativity of colourful, hand-drawn maps. iMindMap™ works with the brain’s natural way of thinking by enabling users to intuitively create beautiful, organic Mind Maps that incorporate all of the basic principles of Tony Buzan’s widely acclaimed Mind Mapping technique. It can be used as a completely blank slate for capturing, organising and sharing information and ideas for a variety of applications. In a world that is increasingly electronic and where fast production, learning and information sharing is of supreme importance, using iMindMap™ to facilitate Mind Mapping in this way can enable its full potential to be realised. Electronically produced Mind Maps can be exported into other applications to be delivered and shared in the format that best meets the need of the intended audience. In addition, iMindMap™ can overcome any practical difficulties associated with creating and using Mind Maps in a hand-to-paper manner. For example, Mind Maps can be easily modified for changing circumstances or requirements, providing users with complete flexibility and saving valuable time generating new Mind Maps.

Although millions of people have already been exposed to Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping technique, the launch of iMindMap™ represents an outstanding way to effectively deploy the benefits of Mind Mapping in the modern information age. Encapsulated in a software format, Mind Mapping can go further to stake its position as the most advanced thinking tool for any task.


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