The Energy Awakening

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

There has been an awakening in the last ten years. I call it an Energy Awakening. It's a significant breakthrough in health-consciousness as millions are turning to Alternative Health and Energy Medicine. (Also called Complementary or Integrative Medicine.) Healing therapies once considered eastern mysticism or vanquished to the New Age corner such as Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture, and Acupressure are now acceptable health alternatives in mainstream medical practices. One can't deny the mass openness and curiosity in energy healing never before seen in modern western culture. The feeling among many is we are on the brink of something extraordinary. Are we at the stage in history where we will see a new paradigm in the wellness field in order for the human species to be able to survive the increasing challenges of living in the 21'st century? Many believe so.

What are some of the physical challenges of living in this world today? With the increase of bigger and better technology, the damaging side effects from this technology is hurting-- sometimes even killing us. For example, the documented negative side effects from vaccinations, prescription drugs, chemicals in our food, water and air and the multitude of electrical devices that surround us, put tremendous stress on our immune system. When the body weakens it becomes susceptible to disease. It's a fact that we now need protection from man-made electromagnetic waves (EMF's for short) and electrical low frequencies (ELF's) as well as from the thousands of toxins in our environment. No wonder there is an increase in cancer and auto-immune diseases! Short and simple: we are poisoning ourselves. The technological advances to make our lives easier, are actually making it more challenging to live!
What are some other challenges living in today's world? Besides physically, the challenge of staying healthy, mentally and emotionally is difficult. There is much weighing on the minds of people today. Life has always been a struggle but with today's golden "information age" comes some liabilities as well. The daily onslaught of negative information being fed on a minute-by-minute basis through television, radio and the internet is taking a toll on our mental and physical health. Threat of economic collapse, wars and terrorism at home is the normal fare on the evening news. Anxiety attacks, high blood pressure and heart attacks are on the rise. 95% of doctor's visits are stress related! Fear and worry about one's job, price of gas, making their mortgage payments and the future are on everyone's minds. This constant state of stress is draining the adrenal glands and immune system. An anti-anxiety pill doesn't give the peace of mind and relief that people are looking for... so they are looking for help elsewhere.

In 1994, the National Institutes of Health adopted a new term, Biofield, to describe a subtle energy field that extends out from the body. Eastern medicine teaches that when this energy field (life force, Chi, the soul, etc...) is not in balance, the body becomes sick. This flow of energetic life force can be interrupted through emotional upset, trauma, and stress. When the blocked, negative energy is released, the body is free to do what it was created to do naturally-- heal itself. Through revolutionary new forms of energy therapy such as Rapid Eye Technology, (RET) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), people with long-standing emotional/mental problems stemming from trauma and abuse are moving forward faster in the healing process. Energy Medicine is a shortcut to healing because it addresses the root of the problem in the soul/energetic body which in turn manifests healing in the mental/physical state. This energy awakening to the presence and care of a person's life force or energetic body many views as a great spiritual awakening at same time on the planet.

Until recently, the fields of Mental Health, Medical Science, and Theology have always been viewed as separate fields of study by the Western world. With the emerging science of Quantum Physics we are discovering how linked they really are. What affects us emotionally/mentally affects us physically. The masses are awakening to this fact and Energy Medicine is addressing their whole-body needs. People are embracing not only energy medicine but seeking out the power of quantum high-tech complementary health devices which are huge breakthroughs in the medical science technology field. Cutting-edge technology using zero-point quantum energy and electro-physiological feedback devices assist in finding energetic imbalances in the human body. They are tools and shortcuts to bring balance back to the energetic field and in some cases neutralize dangerous and destructive frequency patterns that accompany many of today's electrical technology. Energy technologies are a burgeoning field for energetic healing and protection. It is still in its pioneering stages, but there is a collective sense that we are on the brink of an amazing wellness revolution that will one day be commonplace on this planet. It seems ancient civilizations got it right... our mind, body, and soul are interrelated after all.

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