The Emotional Achievement

Dr. Purushothaman
August 27, 2013

There are many strategies of goal-setting, such as the specific, write your goals, by going on a date, turning goals into action plans and the list. However, most people lack the most important ingredient in its purpose, an ingredient to ensure your success.

If you are an integral part of this is missing, then it's much harder to reach your goal and when you reach your destination, you will probably find that it does not make you happy.

The missing ingredient is WHY.

Most people have set themselves the goal without really at the time to find out why this goal will make them happy. As a result, they often end up with the wrong target for them. After the wrong target, it is hard to develop the passion necessary to achieve this objective and it is the way the goal in suffering than joy.

The first reason is to answer why you want to set goals at all?

You see, most targets are set so that the people "what" goals. They are goals that can say what you want, but why you want it. Examples of "what" targets "a new car", "$ 10 million dollars," "a special task," "special romantic partner," "a way of life" and so on.

The underlying "why" here is some way that these objectives do you want to make you happy, but are they really? Why would a car or a sum of money or a job or anything else wonders make you happy? To learn more about the specific why you set goals and the first place, then you can set a goal that helps you achieve that end.

Here is an example of one possible answer is to bet on Why goals. "I want a sense of fulfillment in my life and the freedom to decide how I want to win, which of fulfillment."

The two most important components in this particular answer is the feeling of freedom and fulfillment to choose. The sense of accomplishment means that you are at some activities that is emotionally rewarding means for you to choose and the freedom that they have a strong financial basis, either from their own resources or from a sponsor, which means your activities.

Now you will be able to set itself a goal of a stepping stone to achieving the underlying cause. This objective can be used to pursue a particular course of study leading to the fulfillment of the work, or it can pursue a degree of prosperity, which allows you to attend to, or it may be that you could to achieve wealth, by fulfilling activities. The possibilities are endless.

The discovery will lead the why, what they to. As you know, why that particular hunt "what" you are willing to do what it takes, because you know what the personal can be rewarded.

From the "what" to determine the "how", in other words, the strategy you follow to achieve the goal. As a result, how the achievement of what and meets what the reason. Now you have a goal to improve the well actually your life in some meaningful way.

So, now it's time to check again for your own goals to see if you are a really clear picture of you, why hunt for that goal. What is the advantage that the underlying enrich your life and some important, meaningful way? If you see any good reason, then you can use to fuel your energy and passion for achieving the objective.

If can not find a clearly defined reason for keeping track of your current target, would be better served by the questions why the goals in all questions and then set a new and empowering to follow target

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