The Effects of Positive Thinking – You Will Only Be Limited To Your Imagination

Dr. Purushothaman
September 21, 2013

The effects of positive thinking have never been study properly to fully comprehend the limitless wonders that are contained within this very powerful principle. I pledge to give you the necessary fuel today to get you started in utilizing this super power in your own life. One of the most mind boggling effects is the ability to change any circumstance around 100% regardless of how impossible it may seem.

I have seen individuals who society had truly writing off as bad seeds turned around in such a way that it could only be described as an epiphany that procreated to conceive a miracle.

I witness a man who should have been dead many times over not only survive , but prosper in the fruit of life thanks to the effects of positive thinking. He went to the doctor thinking he had a sinus infection and he was diagnosed with leukemia and instantly hospitalized for 6 weeks.

Those 6 weeks would eventually turn into 3 years. Throughout those 3 year he would contract pneumonia for a total of 7 times. He also contracted meningitis as if the pneumonia was not bad enough. He had to have some of his brain removed as a result of the meningitis.

I can only imagine what thoughts were going through his head throughout this entire ordeal. Never the less, he is a true example of speaking life over himself and getting the result of that confession.

Every moment I spend with him is a constant reminder of the power and effects of positive thinking in every aspect of life. You must know that no great deed grows exponentially without the spoken word of positive thinking being spread over it just like the water given to a house plant for nurishment.

The world we live in has presented plenty of example of the inverse of positive thinking. I believe that misery has had enough love and company to last it a lifetime. If you surround every part of your life with positive thinking you will witness the reproductive benefits in record numbers.

These effects of positive thinking are greater than any other system known to man. They will always deliver and the more you focus and utilize their powers the greater the results will be for every part of your life.

Just think about how many apples are contain in just one seed before it is planted? These effects will be more fruitful than you ever thought imaginable when you plant them in your life starting today.

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