The discovery of your Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

There’s been a lot of talk over the years contemplating true spiritual awakening and what it’s all about. In the true sense, Spiritual Awakening is the escalation of consciousness to rediscover itself as the Divine. It is a journey of shedding the psyche tied to worldly identification for discovering profound awareness.

As much as spiritual awakening is about discovering the inner self, there are no set rules to the same. For some, it may take years of relentless seeking before getting ‘awakened’, while to others, it may be a matter of one profound enlightenment-inducing experience.

However, for all the subjectivity around spiritual awakening, knowledge (Gyan) and actions (Karma) are the two instruments no seeker can grow without. As said in the Sri Yoga Vasishtha, acclaimed one of the greatest spiritual books ever, “Both, actions (karma) and knowledge (Gyan) are necessary for attaining liberation. Either alone does not lead to liberation.”

What can be conferred easily as the greatest work of spirituality ever, the Sri Yoga Vasishtha is a powerful compilation coming from Sri Valmiki, one of the greatest philosophers ever and the creator of the Ramayana.

The book holds some of the most intriguing narratives to a wide range of stories--from the poignant to the psychedelic. The highlight of Sri Yoga Vasishtha, other than its witty and profound narrations, is the encapsulation of Lord Rama’s spiritual awakening.

Lord Rama, known to be one of the most revered of Hindu Gods, was at one point torn between princely comforts and worldly afflictions, and that is when he sought transcendental wisdom from sage Vasishtha.

Sri Yoga Vasishtha recapitulates this conferring of infinite wisdom in the sessions between the Lord and sage Vasishtha. This is what makes the Sri Yoga Vasishtha truly precious and profoundly enriching for anyone looking to go down the path of spiritual awakening.

The English adaptation of the Sanskrit original by Dr. H.M Hari, one of the finest spiritual luminaries of contemporary times and author of many great spiritual works himself, is simply indispensable for its great literary and spiritual narration.

The Sri Yoga Vasishtha, with its richness of transcendental profundity, and with tales that encapsulate the true essence of spirituality and enlightenment is the ultimate guide to attaining the most consummate balance between the worldly and the spiritual. The book holds the seeker reveled in its lucid charm and intriguing narration.


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