The Differences Between Astrology and Psychic Readings

Dr. Purushothaman
April 14, 2019

Are you trying to decide between having an astrology and a psychic reading? In any case, both will help to give you insight into your current situation. If you like checking your daily horoscope, then an astrology reading might be best for you. Otherwise, you can call on a trusted psychic for guidance. The most important thing is to get the best possible advice for your problems. If you’re unsure which route to take, we’ll compare them both and offer you some tips to help you choose.

Astrological readings

Astrology connects to the solar system, focusing on our planet’s alignment with the revolving sun and 12 constellation stars in the skies also known as zodiac signs. These celestial objects are the primary tools in astrology reading. By knowing where the sun is precisely located in the constellation during your birth, you can determine your star sign. Also, a professional astrology reader can note the position of planets, moon, and even asteroids, at your moment of birth to give a precise in-depth reading.
Every birth on Earth relates to a unique planetary configuration. So this makes it easier for the astrologer to interpret the celestial skies and get relevant information about your personality and life.

What astrology readings offer

Interpreting the constellation has some scientific basis based on several thousand years of computation and statistical data. This helps astrologers to give:

  • Reliable personality readings, with details on your behavior and what kind of events will shape your personality.
  • Predictions that can provide insight into future events and actions you can take.

Psychic reading

A psychic is one whose unique ability helps them uncover future events or what you’re thinking. They can understand a person’s character just by observing and understanding their actions. Some psychics also work as mediums. They contact spirits gather information about us. Also, they pass on personal messages from the spirit world to specific individuals.

The offer of a psychic reading

Often you will get a personal message from a deceased relative or familiar spirit. The message is specific, accurate or comforting. Many of these psychic mediums use divination tools to help interpret the messages sent by the spirits. They can use tarot cards during face-to-face meetings or online..

Tarot cards

Both astrologists and psychics can use tarot cards. Arranged in a spread, these divination tools reveals a specific event in your past, present or future. But while the card can predict your future, it’s not set in stone. You can always change the future if you have the desire.
The purpose of the tarot is to reveal future events that may happen if specific actions are taken. Change your behavior or outlook today, and you’ll have a different and probably brighter future ahead of you.

Asking the tarot

When you ask the tarots for guidance, take care. Avoid asking questions answerable by a straight yes or no. For example, don’t ask, ‘Will I make money tomorrow?’ What you should ask is, ‘How can I make money tomorrow and what shall I do to get it?’
Tarot cards have connections with astrology and psychic readings. An astrological tarot reader may ask your zodiac sign. Often, a particular card will appear in the spread that’s connected to your zodiac sign. For example, if you’re an Aries, the Emperor card will have special significance to you. This major arcana card represents the willingness of a person to fight for a worthy cause. As a leader, he makes crucial decisions. His qualities are also similar to an Aries, whose astrological sign is ruled by Mars, the red planet and the god of war. Both are willing to take action and are committed to their cause.
Meanwhile, psychic, tarot readers can also ask spirit guides for help. They can then tell your future and offer insight into your problems. The spirit guide could be those of the readers or yours. For issues and concerns that need immediate attention, the psychic tarot reader can help you deal with them. Still, every reader has his or her own way of interpreting your situation. So it is best to choose the reader who suits your particular temperament.

Comparing the two different approaches

Astrology and psychic readings have different ways of providing you with insights.


Many prefer astrology probably because its methods offer a scientific slant. However, getting readings from your zodiac sign will only give you bits of information, usually daily, monthly or even yearly. Remember, the horoscope prediction is often limited up to a year.


Meanwhile, a psychic reading is more intuitive and based on the abilities of the reader. It’s important to pick a psychic you can trust. A reliable reader will provide insight that will help deal with your current and future situation. If they warn of dire events or a curse that can only be avoided through constant readings or payment of donations, they are scam-merchants and should be well avoided.


Ultimately, it’s up to you which divination method to select. However, it’s possible to use both as the tarot cards can rely on either astrology or psychic intuition. Also, keeping an open mind and a positive outlook can help you deal with any problem. Remember to ask questions that can help deal with your present dilemma. Once you’re taking a proactive approach in dealing with the situation, the future will naturally look bright.

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