The Chinese Astrology and Distinctive Chinese Zodiac Signs

Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

The Chinese zodiac signs and astrology is strongly primarily based on the perception that a person's future or fate is made the decision by the placement of the five significant planets at the time of that individual's birth. The Chinese astrology only will take into account the position of five planets, namely Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the sunshine, the moon and comets. The 12 zodiac animals of Chinese astrology, symbolizing the sixty 12 months cycle or sexagenary of Chinese calendar.

The Chinese zodiac starts with the indicator of Rat and ends with pig. In accordance to the Chinese astrology, the period of sixty years is divided into five elements which are additional divided into twelve years of cyclic order. 1 animal is assigned as a zodiac indicator for a 12 yr time period, which tends to make it which offers the attributes of those animals to the people born below that zodiac indicator. In accordance to the Chinese astrology each of the bestial symbols has a peculiar and particular attribute which would define the person's character and naturel. The 12 months 2012 is the 12 months of Dragon according to Chinese astrology.

Characteristics of People born under Chinese Zodiac Signs

In accordance to Chinese astrology, the personality traits, qualities and nature of people born below the zodiac signs are as follows:

Rat: Sign of emperors, characterizes exceptionally sensible, dominating people who can be incredibly cruel and harmful.

Ox: Humbleness, honesty and being outspoken is the characteristic of individuals born under this sign.

Tiger: The tiger indicator signifies people who are loyal, good friends and give every thing for a friendship.

Rabbit: Sticking to outdated principles and not accepting alter is principal characteristic of this symbol which normally has people in political offices under its sign.

Dragon: Dragon is the symbol of Chinese culture which represents individuals with large intelligence and difficult the two spiritually and mentally.

Snake: Smart folks who are obsessed with their actual physical appearance with excellent adaptability are born beneath this indication.

Horse: In accordance to Chinese astrology, this zodiac indicator represents individuals who are brave but really delicate and effortlessly overwhelmed.

Sheep: Artistic folks with inclination to treatment about the globe, who are effortlessly impacted by the negativity around them, are born under this sign.

Monkey: This indication is regarded as to a scientific symbol which has people with dominating character, with total command more than a scenario and excellent friendship characteristics.

Rooster: This represents folks who look for interest compulsively.

Puppy: Like the bestial the individuals beneath this indication signify loyalty and are excellent friends with charming and pleasing character.

Pig: This Chinese zodiac sign assigns to people the attribute of humbleness, kindness and tendency to have near connection with nature.

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