The Changing Face of Corporate Training in India

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013

Do you still link a corporate training course with a dull and lengthy classroom session? Change your opinions, organizational sessions has evolved over the years in India.

In the contemporary world, the increasing demand for relationship building, instilling skills in employees, achieving objectives, and increasing productivity, have highlighted the importance of corporate training in the country.

For any organization to be successful in today’s time, it is vital for its employees to posses these qualities. A personnel have to be:

• Innovative
• Insightful
• Versatile
• Creative
• Knowledgeable

This can only be achieved if the organization provides proper training. Training is an important component to improve work output of an organization. An organizational training is essential to make the employee understand about the company’s mission and vision.

Today, very few companies have formal corporate training programs. Many are still unaware of the term and its importance.

What is Corporate Training?

Big companies undertake corporate training programs, which is either formal or informal in nature. It is specifically designed to inculcate or improve corporate behavioral skills in both lower and higher level employees.

It is formally structured to educate a personnel to fit into a new designation, or for workers who are already on the job.

The HR department of the companies takes this initiative to increase the productivity of team members within every organization. Companies in India refer this training with several different terms like human resource training and development, employee development, and organizational training.

Professional Training module -

In the modern world, the increasing demand for professionalism and positive outcome has urged companies to hire corporate learning institutes. Based on the company’s requirements, these institutes create their training module to provide employees expert training.

Such learning institutes offer a wide range of training in different areas of IT, behavioral, and experiential training. They also provide distance education. Some of them provide both on-site and off-site training.

Corporate learning programs fulfill the core requirements and guarantees smooth execution of the session.

Most professional training institutes offer customized training modules for various departments and hierarchies. Some also offer individual sessions to optimize productivity. The result of customized package is focused. Such trainings focus on real-world situations.

Customized corporate training programs are designed according to the company’s goal and learner’s need and capacity. Training institutes organize seminars, offer learner’s guide or some material like CD-ROM for better understanding. They follow an enhanced training module, which adopts advanced learning methods, improved management tools, and new approaches to resolve existing issues.
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