The Case for a Meeting Alert System

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

The Case for a Meeting Alert System
A new bit of technology allows more efficient communication between a meeting organizer and banquet/event staff. Call it a "Meeting Alert System".
How it works...Your Meeting Contact person gets their own remote control to use when they need help (tables, chairs, AV). Each remote is coded individually, so the likelihood of interference from other sources causing false alarms is very low. When a remote is pressed, a corresponding light (LED) on the receiver in the banquet or AV office lights up to Instantly tell you there is a problem, and more importantly exactly which room needs your help.
Advantages to your meeting facility

Less Drama - You know IMMEDIATELY when your client needs assistance. Answer that trouble quicker, and there's less chance of it turning into a drama (and more chance of you coming off smelling like a rose!) You could use a little less drama in your day, couldn't you?

Save $ - Less irritated clients also likely means less comped items, saving your facility $. Saving just one comped job pays for the system many times over.

More Time - Event staff doesn't have to waste time wandering the halls checking on people that don't need help ("looking for trouble" as I call it). All Green lights on the receiver means knowing ALL IS WELL, and you can get other work done.

Less Friction - You're not interrupting meetings that would prefer to be left alone. Just dropping by 'doing the right thing' may seem helpful, but can really annoy some people. Been there..done that.
An unseen advantage is it alerts you to a PERCEIVED problem or if the customer just feels slighted. The client is always right (even when they aren't). As with all relations, communications is key.
More returns - Happier meeting clients also return more. Just common sense.
Advantages to meeting clients
No Frantic Running Around - Meeting organizers absolutely hate having to find a house phone, flag down a server or run into the hallway frantically when they need help in their moment of dire need. Language barriers don't make it any easier.

They Feel Empowered - Just having that remote control means can get help ASAP when they are in dire straights. Even if they never touch it they will feel better about their experience with your facility.

Faster Response - Meeting organizers certainly will appreciate you getting their quicker, even if the eventual solution takes a bit, they'll appreciate the effort.
The hospitality business has remained unchanged in many respects for a long time, and maybe it's due for an revolution.
A meeting alert system makes it easier for you to do your job keeping them happy!

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