The business ethics

Business Ethics and Guidelines as a Concept

Dr. Purushothaman
December 12, 2013

The business ethics is the behavior that a company has adopted in its daily dealings with the world. The ethics of a particular company can be very different. Not only apply to how the company interacts with the world in general, but also their moral ethics for dealing one on one with the client.

Many companies have gained a bad reputation just by being in the business. For some people, companies are only interested in making money without taking into account the importance of ethics. This behavior could be called capitalism in its purest form.

Good business ethics should be part of every business. There are many factors to consider. When a company does business with one that is considered unethical, it would mark the first company ethics by association? Some people would say yes, the first company has a responsibility and a respectable image, but is now a link in a chain of unethical business.

Many multinational companies, including most major brands have been fined millions of dollars for violating trade laws and ethics. In these cases the money is the deciding factor.

If a company fails to comply with business ethics and minimum laws, usually end up being fined. Many companies have gone through problems like this; environmental laws have been fine for billions of dollars around the world. The problem is that the amount of money these companies are doing is much greater than the value of fines imposed. All those profits in millions of dollars to businesses become invulnerable object, so they do not work with business ethics, all these triumphs obviously go hand in hand with the dollar sign.

A company can spend several million in sales, but the fact that they do not have good business ethics think that this may matter to people? There are soft drinks and fast food restaurants have been fined over and over again by a lack of code of ethics. Business ethics should seek to eliminate issues such as child exploitation, and respect the wages of people in the company.

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