The Best Education Platform

Dr. Purushothaman
November 30, 2013

In today's virtual world of media education are many sites which worth a look, let's not go crazy when the virtual education is set to invest such giants as Stanford University, Harvard University, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge in Poland Jagiellonian University, School of Warsaw, Warsaw University Warsaw University of Technology, the University of Humanities - Economics in Lodz, this is a real revolution in education.

There is also a virtual organization Distinctive best universities in the world by giving them the prize World Education Awards. This year, the prize was awarded virtual university ALISON , who managed to gather at one site best teachers and scholars of the IT, HR, European law, finance and psychology.

You can imagine what impression the employer will make a certificate from such notables science and how the signatures of one degree at a private school. The only necessary condition for obtaining the certificate ALISON is a good knowledge of English, so at this level to understand the lectures and write term papers. Is Alison a competition, it is a question to which the answer yes and no are correct. Number of platforms is huge, however no other accumulated so many outstanding teachers, nor is it anywhere so many courses leading to a certificate.

It is worth to know them, and because they can get a lot of interesting material for those wishing to gain knowledge by which it is so difficult in Polish universities. So start with a brief overview of these platforms:Academic Earth - English-language courses are designed by professional trainers from about 50 universities, including the lectures of professors from Harvard, MIT, Stanford University, the University of California, Los Angeles, University of Oxford and Yale University. The only drawback but quite important that the platform is not possible to obtain a certificate.

Brightstorm - lectures internationally renowned professors, but they are only free lectures in mathematics, is the one of the many platforms that would focus on as many people as Alson, but the relatively high cost of education cause that is a school only for a few.

Courser - a world -renowned lecturer ii huge amount of academic study, the platform is rather a form of training than school or higher school, you can receive a certificate of completion but not in computer science and diagnostics such as the knowledge of the C +, such training can complement the knowledge on post-secondary school in various fields ranging from hairdressers, to massage ending.

VideoJag - best service videos, trainers and tutors, for more than 100 branches of science, service is great navigation, so that you will find easy instruction of your company, I know that you will find Polish counterparts on You Tube, but not all, and certainly not so well and thoroughly explained step by step. Open Yale Courses - very good video lectures Yale faculty, but there are only 100 and are rather an incentive to sign up and make the appropriate fee.

YouTube Edu - it really is a YouTube educational channel, compared to the video Jag much worse navigate, difficult to find even interesting materials, but if you give a specific title eg Trendiest hairstyles 2013, this service can be used, although probably on video Jag you can find videos more professional, but here you can come across the complete amateurish and the science it is also important and it would not waste time.

As you know there are many interesting educational platforms, so what is the problem, the problem can be summarized in two punkatch:
1 ) no global catalog where you can be easily and quickly find the platform
2 ) many of them, like Open Yale Courses offer whole sandwich is not only one bite, so if you want to expand the knowledge or the need to pay either look for a different platform.

As for Alexis, you can find virtually all directions that are in college, the courser all courses that provide the training centers and the VideoJag you can see the lectures did not even find on You Tube do not waste your time, focus on these three platforms.

However, if you have a soul seeker use the Edu Web Directory or All Best WWW Directory and there probably still find a lot of interesting educational studies.The last issue is checking our knowledge in educational quizzes here recommend Syvum global service and Polish service of quizzes for high school and technical schools RATE COLLEGE SCHOOLS

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