The Benefits of Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Apart from the self-realization you get from having a spiritual awakening, there are other benefits that you can get out of experience. Personality awakening and self-transformation leads to a well-adjusted existence. Ultimately, the same stable life will lead you to a blissful and content life. You have to realise what spiritual awakening can do for you is much more than just the physical benefits. Actually, you might not be aware of it now but when you finely reach that state of spiritual enlightenment, you'll be happy that you went through the whole experience.

To grasp spiritual developing you need meditation. Meditation has many benefits. It can release stress which is extremely ideal particularly in this busy world we live in. Living and working in the city and a very stressful setting can bring a toll to the mind, body and spirit. Regular meditation can assist in discharging stress which brings about a healthier life. Meditation will lead you to finding your real self and shaping your real potential.

You must remember that the effects of meditation might not be felt instantly. You might even feel a slight stress from meditation, though; eventually you will start to feel the effects kick in. Remember it might take some time before you feel a certain level of peace and harmony; though, it will come. For instance, you may start to feel happier with yourself and with your environs. Maybe you will start finding the best out of a situation and not feel unhappy or irritated all the time. Maybe you will turn more easy-going and you can unite with other people more. Not only that but you might well find that you have a better understanding of your own consciousness. Maybe you will find that your physical body has developed; become healthier; your emotional and spiritual state have connected and become equal.

Always be aware that there are different meditation methods. The fact is, there are several schools of thought that offer dissimilar styles and methodologies for discovering your true personality. Many might insist on having a mantra (a word that you have to repeat in order to quiet your psyche in order to instigate the meditation procedure.) Though, there are many who may find having someone direct them through the meditation procedure is the greatest way to reach a tranquil state of mind. It must be remembered that the ultimate objective in meditation is to get to that safe place where you are completely relaxed, and where nothing-including your mind-can get at it. This is a level of realization where you don't have needless thinking, play a part. Envisage yourself in a very black room. You don't see anything, you are conscious that you are a living being. It is comparable to what you plan to do in a meditation practice. Look into yourself and become conscious of who you are without thoughts. A higher level of awareness is what we are looking for.

I really hope I am not confusing things or making things unclear. The truth is spiritual growth cannot be labeled by a sequence of paragraphs in an article. Spiritual awareness is the mind, body spirit connection that most of us want. It is the ultimate equilibrium.

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