The Benefits Of Positive Thinking

Dr. Purushothaman
September 20, 2013

Positive thinking is very important in our lives. We can benefit from it by helping us achieve our goals. We can live longer and be healthier and happier with positive attitude toward life. We are more likely to be successful. Positive thinking helps us to cope more easily with our daily affairs.

It helps us overcome stress as we approach stressful situation in a positive manner. If we ignore negative thoughts and replacing them with optimism, it will reduce the worry, therefore it reduces stress. When you develop a positive attitude and maintaining it, gives you less stress, and a healthier life ahead. It directly affects your body and how it functions. You will have less of sleeping disorder, muscle tensions, fatigue, anxiety, and head aches. Negative thinking lets people suffer more from depression and anxiety, but replacing it with calmness, confidence and peacefulness can make your living healthier and more productive. Positive thinking promotes confidence, thus fulfilling our potential. If we have confidence on ourselves, then we are more likely to have a big advantage of being successful.

Optimistic persons are better decision makers. They don’t have clouded judgments, foolish decisions or doing careless things that you will be regretting later. It also increases our focus, having negative thoughts makes us distracted and not focus on achieving our goal. While positive thinking helps you focus on a solution rather than wasting our time and energy on negative emotions that could lead us to failure. It improves our time management, having positive thoughts and gives us focus and better decision making which enables us to become more organized, giving more time to ourselves, our friends, and family. A positive attitude leads us to success that can change our outlook in life, while negative attitude gets in the way of our success and happiness. When someone thinks positively, they could attract people whom are positive and also attract positive energy from them.

By thinking negatively, it can lead us to failure. Fear is just a beginning of something much less worst. We should eliminate the fear inside our hearts and focus on to be fearless to pursue the goal we are aiming. We are happy of what we are and who we are. We appreciate everything that is coming in and out of our lives. That us make more living happier and all the negative thoughts and attitudes are driven away from our life.


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