The Benefits Of Being Assertive

Dr. Purushothaman
September 30, 2013

There are many rewards of being assertive, not just for your own personal psychological wellness but also for the health of your own personal and work interactions to boot. When you are more assertive, you’ll limit the anxiety in your daily life, develop increased self-belief and a better self-image and enjoy an all-around enhanced enjoyment of life because of that!

The Issue With Not Being Assertive

If you're having difficulty saying no or articulating what you really think or feel, chances are it’s due to the fact that you are fearful of repercussions from others. You might want to “keep the peace” and steer clear of hurting other people's egos, or you could very well be concerned that other folks will believe less of you or not like you for not doing what they want you to undertake. For that reason, you might put their demands above the needs you have and put yourself through a lot of headaches simply just to keep others content.

The issue with this way of going about it is that it may ultimately contribute to poor emotions towards yourself and also the people you are trying to win over. You’ll wind up being resentful towards the person for exploiting you, and angry at yourself for not being assertive enough to say no to their demands. In time, it winds up inducing a considerable amount of strain and trouble that would simply have been prevented if you'd been more assertive.

How One Can Benefit From Being Assertive

On the bright side, when you are getting the essential assertiveness training to empower you to be more assertive, you'll be able to avoid all this stress and feel great about yourself as well. In actual fact, research has found that being assertive will assist you to:

- Build self-confidence and self-esteem
- Command the respect of others
- Speak plainly about what you're looking for
- Get what you want without infringing on other people's rights
- Have a genuine relationship with other people
- Minimize anxiety and stress

Truth be told, folks generally respond really well to frank dialogue. If you are not scared to stand your ground and decline a task whenever you genuinely are unable to do something, folks will admire you and appreciate you more for it.

Are You Able To Learn To Be Assertive If You are Not?

Clearly, being aware of the benefits of being assertive is one thing, but putting it into practice can be a struggle if you are not naturally a fairly assertive individual. Luckily, you can learn to be assertive even if you are the most self-conscious person known to man. With the right assertiveness training, you’ll be given the required resources and skills for you to communicate assertively both in the workplace as well as in your personal friendships too.


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