The Basis Of Faith: God's Covenant With You

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

The Bible is a book of covenants, and understanding the Bible requires an understanding of covenant agreements. A covenant is a pledge or vow between two or more parties to carry out the terms agreed upon. In Abraham's generation, covenants were sealed by blood, and the only way out of a covenant was the shedding of blood or death.

Genesis 15 and 17 reveal the details of the covenant of blessings God made with Abraham. This covenant is an everlasting agreement in which God swore by Himself to bless Abraham and his seed. As Believers, we are Abraham's seed and part of the covenant of blessings God made with Abraham. Yet millions of Believers are not operating in the authority they have been given through this covenant.

The Bible, in Ephesians 2:12, says a people who are ignorant or unaware of their covenant are without hope and without God in this world. They are not really sure that God will help or that they will receive answers to their prayers. They just sort of exist, hoping and praying that God will do something. It is no surprise that many of them live defeated lives. However, something very powerful happens in the lives of believers who know their covenant. They are spiritual giants because not only do they have hope, which is the fuse to their faith, they also have God. They don't spend time hoping and praying God will do something. They pray with the covenant on their mind and walk with a bold confidence because they know God is obligated to perform His Word.

Here's a bit of advice: God is not moved by your need. He's moved by His covenant. He's bound Himself to His Word; therefore, if you desire to see Him move in your life, you've got to speak to Him in the context of His covenant.

The covenant is the source of unshakable faith. That is why God made a covenant with us. It is through the covenant that we know God will fulfill His promises. So if we are unaware of our covenant, what is the basis of our faith?

I encourage you to become covenant- minded. Get a Concordance and study every scripture on covenant until your faith soars and you are convinced God will do exactly what He said He would do! I love you, and my prayer is that you begin to walk in the authority of your covenant today and every day.

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