The Awakened Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

A lot of individuals have achieved success after studying the program The Awakened Life by Wayne Dyer. In many ways, practicing the program opens your eyes to all the new and interesting possibilities around you. Instead of focusing on what you think is possible, The Awakened Life teaches you to understand that everything is possible.

Getting In Touch With Who You Are

Are you in touch with your inner self? Most people think they are, but if you're still having problems with your emotions or any other part of your life, things obviously aren't going your way. It's frustrating to think that things could be better when they aren't. What if you could have everything you wanted? By following the simple teachings by Wayne Dyer, your dream is manifested and brought to life. All the things you wanted when you were a child are suddenly becoming a reality. Your relationships are healed and your professional life is enhanced - all because you've gotten in touch with who you are.

Changing Your State of Mind

The reality you live in is the one that you've created for yourself. A lot of people have a difficult time grasping this concept. It's much easier to understand when you take a moment to think about the different people in the world. There are people who seemingly have nothing - no money, no significant other, etc., but still seem to be blissfully happy with who they are and the world around them. There are also people who have it all - a great job, a nice home, a beautiful family, and a nice car, but are still miserable beings. The Awakened Life focuses on helping you to obtain a more positive perception of the reality around you. By altering your perception, you can change your current reality.


Probably you have been taught that if you can't change your life and obtain the things you want, you must accept it. The Awakened Life by Wayne Dyer will help you to accept yourself, and if you want to change things, he provides you with techniques that will allow you to do so. No one has to accept the way things are. However, it's always beneficial to become content with your surroundings and your current life while in the process of changing it. Happiness and contentment are two things that every individual should be able to experience immediately. You'll gain the understanding needed to accept life during the difficult times, and realize that you do not have to await for your happiness to begin.

Spiritual and Materialistic Happiness

It's possible to be completely happy with both your spiritual life and your materialistic life. The Awakened Life teaches you how to achieve an even balance between the two. Not only will you be in touch with who you are on the inside, but you'll also obtain all the riches this world has to offer. Ultimately, it teaches you how to love yourself and experience what it feels like to be completely whole.

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