The Advantages of Online Corporate Training Programs

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013

Training is a necessity for businesses of all types, styles, and locations. From customer service personnel to network administrators and beyond, training takes places daily in companies large and small. Because it is nearly impossible to have staff on hand to cover the multitude of training programs, most companies outsource their employee education. Generally, employees must either travel to a dedicated training facility or an onsite area is set aside chiefly for training for the hours, days, or even weeks that the classes take place.

Many companies have found that the best option for them is training online. This training has proven to be beneficial to companies for a multitude of reasons.

This Training is Cost Effective

The cost of outsourcing corporate training can add up quickly. Companies that focus on training can charge in the thousands for the use of their staff and location. Employees that must travel to a dedicated classroom are not only paid for their time away from the office, but are usually given travel expenses, including mileage, hotel stays, and a per diem for food and miscellaneous items. To save on these employee expenses, companies may choose to have a trainer come to them, but the financial aspect is still significant. Not only are online training programs less expensive by design, but by choosing this training, any travel expenses are avoided.

Online Training is Green

One of the best ways to support the environment is to cut back on exhaust from vehicles and the added usage of petroleum that is caused by travelling. By utilizing online training, these environmental hazards are unnecessary. Further, most online courses do not require hard copies of training materials. All training booklets are generally in a downloadable PDF format. Tests and quizzes are carried out through the computer as well. Only rarely will employees need to print documents from online training courses, which saves paper and energy.

Online Training is a Time Saver

When an employee is not at his or her desk, they obviously cannot carry out the majority of their work assignments. Training that takes employees away from the office, whether they are in a different room or a different building, also takes them away from the task at hand. On the contrary, online training can be conducted at any time. Employees can be instructed to go through training materials during slow periods or can even be asked to go through training classes at home through their own PCs. Corporations and their customers should not have to suffer while employees are learning new skills.

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